Tale of 5 countries

As I tweeted yesterday, I had to come back to Holland for an outpatients appointment from my hospital admission earlier this month. I didn’t mind, I’ve been reunited with my husband whom I haven’t seen for almost 3 weeks.

Whilst having tea with my Neighbour last night it dawned on me I’m doing 5 countries in 4 days. Now I know we’re a family of many travels but this is ridiculous and thank the heavens above the children are with Gma & Gdad and will miss most of it.

Tuesday: England to Holland (Me) Dubai to Holland (EPD)
Wednesday: Holland to Belgium***
Thursday: Belgium to France to England
Friday: England to Ireland

Now I can’t ever pipe up and say we have a boring life, can I? I’m currently typing as we’re on our way to Den Haag to the Irish embassy to pick up LPV’s new passport! Then it’s off to Bruges, where we’ll stay overnight thankfully, as it to much driving for a tired, jet lagged EPD. Up early in the morning to catch the 10am tunnel crossing from Calais to Folkstone. Then heading to sunny Brissle so we can be reunited as a family (first time in almost 3 weeks), recharge and then ready to leave on Friday morning for the long and tedious drive along the M4 to Fishguard man I hate that drive . 4 hours over the calm and pleasant…..ahem, Irish Sea finishing off the mammoth expedition with a 3 hour drive to Cork.

The answer is YES, we are farking insane, it actually helps to be when you travel as much as we do. The iPad will be charged, Sophie the Giraffe and Thomas the tank will be bursting out of our pockets and the car packed up within an inch of its life!

Bon Voyage

***currently we’re on the hard shoulder where EPD is effing and Jeffing at the maxi cosy base as it keeps continually beeping..

Baby friendly

Although I do say in my contacts section that I do product reviews, I rarely do them most of the time I really can’t be arsed. Today I going to recommend not a  product per-say but a place.

Now the follow post is all my own words opinions and thoughts, I recieved no payments/backhanders etc unfortunately.

So last week we spent an amazing week together as a 3 person family, our family dynamics will change soon enough so this was a period of time that we’ll cherish, next year we’ll have new memories. We’ve never really had a family holiday alone, we’ve been away as a family but most of the time that involves us running around like headless chickens.

We spent a beautiful week in Italy, being in Europe we wanted to take advantage of the accessibility of it and also being able to drive, as airline tickets do not come cheap anymore. I was recommended a website called babyfriendlyboltholes. It was here that we found beautiful Alsagra, ran by an English couple called Helen and Stephen who moved to Umbria a few years ago. They renovated an old farm-house and turned it into a self catering apartments and their beautiful home. The couple themselves have two children so completely understand holidays with little ones in tow, I think until you’ve experienced this you’ll never comprehend whats involved.

I was so surprised at the accommodation, how spacious, modern and well equip it was, they was nothing we wanted for. On request you can have cots, buggy’s, highchairs, toys, monitors. The surrounding were also second to none, the view was just perfect, the family have 4 cashmere goats that LPV religiously said hello too every morning, Alsagra has a pool, a playground, complete with zip wire and an old gypsy caravan for the children to play on. it 20 minutes from the beach and only a couple of hours from beautiful Pisa and Florence.

This place is set up in the mountains on The Umbrian/Tuscan border surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, not too shabby I can tell you. You do absolutely need a car to get around also but that gives you so much more freedom to explore one of the most beautiful countries ever!!

Now you finished reading you can head on over and book your next years holiday!!



So this week sees the build up to a certain wee mans 2nd birthday, 2 years old!!!! I HAVE A 2 YR OLD, I cannot believe it sometimes, I often still look at him and think this can’t be true someone from the hospital is going to call and say they want him back. At the moment I only think this when he’s a sleep, as currently he is a demonic elf in Elmo pyjama’s and this weekend I came close to wanting to put him out side the front door with a sign saying “free to a good home”.

Still I hear the terrible two’s are  phase 0h god when will it end that they all go through, on reflection he is a good boy, in his 2 short years on the planet he’s been on more aeroplanes than I’ve had hot dinners, he’s been to Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Holland Finland, Belgium,Ireland and England and the lucky little blighter has already flown business class, of course mammy had to have his welcome champagne.

So while all my fellow bloggers will be living it up at Brit mums live this weekend I will be knee-deep in Gruffalo cake, poisonous warts and scrambled snakes. Here we are in a new country having made a new set of friends to share the birthday fun with, this time we even have Grandma & Granddad coming so that is awesome too.  It will so different to last years celebrations, different home, different surroundings, different face, the only thing that’s is looking to stay the stay same is that the weather will forbid us to go outside, it’s either too flipping hot in one place or pouring with rain in another.

Anyhoo our house will now be turning into Gruffalo party central, you can expect some rather stressed post between now and D or Bday

Peace out pop-pickers