Not today thank you

Today I’m not enjoying being a mammy! *Hears the shock horror mexican gasp around the world*

Yep there it is I said it out loud, I love and adore my kids and would die for them I love them so much. However today they are doing my swede right in!

Miss C is off form and I think it’s down to teething, I’m cuddling/kissing/ using teething powder at worse giving calpol. Nothing is working and I’m tired of the crying, screaming and the whinging when the above are not being done. I’m frustrated I can’t help her!

I’m tired of cleaning poop out of underpants of being told “No mammy, you not to touch Thomas” “No Mammy you not to blah blah”

I’m tired that I had to crawl out of the bedroom as Miss C will not go to sleep!

Thankfully the day got slightly better after I started this post, still had to negotiate dinner but we headed for the lough for a great walk. There was a trad band there and LPV enjoyed a wee jig




Motivation, last seen a couple of weeks ago on a night out with inspiration!!

Any siting  please contact us here at the blog!

Yep it’s going to be one of those completely useless posts about nothing in particular, just a big bunch of waffling pants. I’ve lost my motivation, not just for the blog just in life in general I think. Emotions are high this week, source of it is unknown but most of the time I just want to cry. Am I still suffering with the PND? or aftermath of PND? or is it just my lifestyle? Does the expat lifestyle suit someone like me, it’s tough if it doesn’t  but if it is the reason there has to be something I can do to help myself.

I have to admit the last 4 months have been unbelievably mad and now I tired to the point of no return, lately no amount of sleep is enough. Yesterday I cried over a bike, well not over the bike per say just the bike saga triggered a huge mood slump that I haven’t been able to get up from. However tomorrow is a new day……………………..


I love getting visitors, however a visitor that can speak the lingo!!!!! is worth their waiting gold!! This weekend we had friends from Dubai come to stay. C is Swedish but lived in Holland for a large part of her childhood. They arrived on saturday  and it was so lovely to see her & M too. C came skipping into our house, speaking the lingo sounding like the chef from the muppets!! My response? the same as always “Can you speak English”?

All joking aside we had a fab weekend we went to Keukenhoff to see the tulips, it was beautiful, again they had catered for children with adventures playgrounds etc. However it was bloody freezing and LPV was getting more and more miserable. We did let him have a run around but kept him close as it was just too much temptation for him to just pick the heads off the beautiful flowers! In the middle was a huge windmill they had a brass band play tradition dutch music but what got us all excited?? Bread rolls with warm ham in them and fresh Stroop waffles. It’s all about the food!! After we filled our faces we walked around for a little bit more and then decided it was too bloody cold.

We went back to the car to warm up and then headed to Zaanseschans (yes I  know that word makes perfect sense doesn’t it). It’s a really cute little preserved dutch village with working mills running but windmill power. Great for kids agin but unfortunately LPV was having none of it, he was cold, he was tired and he needed a glass of wine sorry that was Mammy. On a nice sunny, warm day it would have been superb, the cheese they made there were fabby.

I love that now we’re getting out and about seeing more of Holland, I’m sure when I’ve been to the tulip fields 20 times it will be a different story but after 9 desert safari’s in 3 years Tulips and cheese are a nice change!! I need to keep C around tho as she is my menu translator!! Its far less embarrassing asking her than sitting in a restaurant with google translate

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