He’s making a list and checking it twice!!

Dear Santa (can I call you Santa?? Or does it have to be Mr Claus)

Please may I have an iPad, it would make my life so much easier, I don’t know how, but it will…………..I feel that my behaviour has been second to none this year and in fact I would describe myself as angel (I’m sure you’d all agree ūüėČ ) I would really appreciate it if you could make the wish list on our Amsterdam house come true, If it does and we move in I promise that next christmas (when I will host christmas in my own house) I will buy you¬†best some really lovely chocolate chips cookies as¬†I know you love them.

I would really like to wake up on christmas morning, looking younger, slimmer and just damn right fabulous, I understand that this maybe a rather tough task so if it’s not possible please can I just have some extra hours in my day and maybe some Botox.

I have finally got round to getting LPV a haircut so I would appreciate it , that you come give anyone who calls him SHE or a PRETTY GIRL a rather hefty smack around the head. Cheers!!

Please can you sprinkle some magic dust over LPV so he always eats his veggies & fruit, this will save me so much worry, thanks!

I would also like it if Potterybarn kids thank me for being their most loyal customer by giving me a trolley dash(without a time limit) in their store in the Netherlands that they will open just for me.

I would love it if all my family and friends far and wide have a happy healthy festive season, enjoy the company of their loved ones and spare a thought for those less fortunate.

I would like some feedback on my requests as If these requests are not possible for you I will need to consult¬†the Easter bunny or tooth fairy about them. I do understand that you are incredibly¬†busy at the moment, training reindeer’s, mentoring Elves and obviously making your list and double checking it.If all this not possible, I’d be happy with Benefit makeup and How I met your mother on DVD

One last thing,

Merry Christmas


age: very young and youthful

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