Gin in a tin

Gins in a tin, wine, TGI Fridays cocktails and Westlife that sums up the weekend of June 9th for me.

To cut a long story short we’ve been trying for a another baby, but I left my other baby to have a weekend with my familia and the good old boys from Westlife *chases after street cred*

After months on negative tests and a cycle with a minds of it own I bit the bullet sold my kidney on Ebay so I could buy an ovulation kit. I’m not one of these oh “I’m so in tune with my body, I knew we had made a baby that night” ladies I only know its special weekend”** cos im like a spitting cobra the day before. I didn’t feel pregnant so I wasn’t going to give up the opportunity of a Gin in tin!!

I got home after my weekend, “When should we start testing?” asks EPD, I had no idea so I thought I’d just do one randomly………………………………..Positive………….shit damn you Gin in a tin!!! I go down stairs show EPD. We sit there in shock I have another cup of tea and do another test. We decided I’m almost definitely preggers, well according to Tesco I am but we wait and do another one in the morning. Positive……………………..daring to get excited now I run out and buy a good old faithful clear blue digital…………………….ZWANGER!!!!!!!! Dutch for pregnant!! I am now pregnant officially in two languages!!

I march off to the Dr’s for an appointment to get a lump checked, I tell him I took a test, then sheepishly own up to the other 3, he’s says congrats writes me a letter to The OBGYN and sends me away!!!

Farking charming, I had blood tests galore in Dubai to check levels, was referred for a scan, so far I’m not loving me treatment, DONT YOU KNOW IM THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO EVER HAVE TWO BABIES!!!

Of course I don’t say this, I go home and realise I forgot to pay my bill!!

I think I might be up the duff!



This post contains the word “Period” *gasps* reading won’t be harmful to your health, unless of course you are allergic to the word Period!!

This is not something I’ll do a monthly post on but sometimes you need to let the sadness out to feel better.
I We want another baby, we’re ready, I think LPV is at a good age. We’ve been trying a while now, with every negative test each month, the disappointment comes. We were relatively lucky when we started trying for LPV so now it’s taking time it’s upsetting. I have so much respect for those couples who aren’t as lucky as us to already have a wee beautiful man.

This month I thought it was it, the “Due” came….nothing. I dared to get excited and with each day there was nothing the more excited I got. I took a few tests, they were negative but the same thing happened with LPV. I think when you want something so bad you convince yourself it’s going to happen.
Today, after 9 days of being late it was confirmed its not happening this month. I have cramps and backache to prove it. How do it feel? Crushed beyond words!!