Around the world in 80 words

I love a good meme I do, so I decided to join in with SAHDandproud meme “Around the world in 80 words”. Now as I’m a bit of a talker this a bit of challenge, so we’ll do the best we can.


An oasis in the middle off the desert, city of dreams for some or city of nightmares for others,  For me it’s a it will always be in my heart.

For me this place was where all my dreams came true, it was where I accomplished my greatest achievement.

I became a mother to a beautiful little boy, I hope to return with him one day to say “this is where you spent the first year of your life”


I know I used this photo a million times but it says it all for me!!

Our song

I’ve been tagged in a wee meme but the ever so lovely LplateMummy Ok so all I have to do is share mine & expatdaddy’s songs together!! Sorry in advance!!

Our Wedding song

I once asked expatdaddy in our dating days, what song reminds you of me this was his reply………. Farking charming!!

Another from our dating days

This reminds me of LPV, I used to sing it to him to send him to sleep, perfect family Mantra, plus it’s from my favourite film and the name Yvaine was on my list of names for LPV if he was a girl

We have both developed a mutual hatred for this theme tune!!

So there you go!!

Now I’m going to tag


In memory of Lachlan