Oh Christ is that really me

Right ok, I have just literally seen myself on television!! Well not literally cos if it was I’d be one lucky cow as I’d look like Jennifer Anniston! Confused?

I’m watching Marley and me, don’t laugh I flipping love that movie. It’s at the point where they’ve had two kids, moved house and the dog has just eaten the fabric for the curtains. She’s giving out to her husband like a crazy woman and ends the conversation with “D’you know what, I’ll do it myself” stomps off in a mahoosive strop. Yep this is me, this how I behave sometimes , minus the dog of course as we’re not allowed pets in our house, No pets and No growing marijuana in the garden, obviously! I never ever wanted to be that wife and I’d like to think I’m not that wife all the time. I’ve probably been that wife a little over the last two weeks as LPV has slept on average about 3-4 hours a night. Hopefully we’ve turned a corner as last night he had sleep from 8pm-6:30. So maybe now I can be this wife!