Im sorry

A letter of apology to my children

Dear children

I seem to be making so many mistakes with you at the moment so I’m just going to come out and apologise for it all………………………………………………

I’m sorry I didn’t realise that poop obviously belongs all down your legs and on the bathroom floor, I will have strong words with Grandma for teaching me the wrong way of putting it in the toilet.

I’m sorry that I served your dinner to you on a plate I should realise in the future that  your lap, hair and floor are far more convenient for you

I’m sorry for brushing you teeth, I totally agree with you dental hygiene is completely overrated

I know I really should have gone to fashion design school as quite clearly I get it wrong ALL the time, t-shirts with raccoons playing football are OUT, one red shoe and one blue shoe is perfect attire for a trip to the supermarket!

Sincere apologies about my mind reading abilities I should have realised and anticipated you changed your mind from a red bowl to a blue bowl

Deeply sorry for wanting to sleep, you wanting your dummy 20,000 times a night is far more important than Mammy & Daddy being able to function properly

I know I will not get any parenting awards for not giving you pancakes everyday for dinner and chocolate milk with your breakfast, I will go to time out and think about the healthy balance dinner I just served you!

With Much love



A Bazaar feeling!

I hadn’t broadcast it on here as I wanted to see how it worked out for me…..but I have another job. A flipping amazing, great job, one that doesn’t interfere with me being a mammy first and foremost over anything! My boss is a mammy too so understands that sometimes your day doesn’t go quite as you planned, that sometimes you’re not firing on all four cylinders cos your too bloody exhausted!! Back in January I post about a Baby Bazaar I attended and sold some of the children’s pre loved items. Well today I attended again but I wasn’t selling I was helping to run it and it was a fantastic day. It was an early start for me as I had to be there at 7am but I was so excited and nervous all at the same time I just wanted to get out of the house at get there. I had been taking booking, talking to clients and invoicing people for the last few weeks and it was about to all come together for me.

The day just flew by, there was a buzzing atmosphere that I can’t quite explain, I was dreading signing in the sellers as I was worried I messed up horribly and booked 20 people for one table. It all went smoothly without a hitch and I was quite proud of what I had done. The day just flew by, I was able to do a wee bit of shopping for the children too and picked up a few bargains. The best part for me was the awesome feeling of being me again, I wasn’t mammy today or babe although I love these titles with all my heart I was just me and I had a brain which was being used for something other than figuring out how the flipping Duplo hospital goes together!!

I got home and konked out on the couch for a wee power nap before taking my 3 favourite people out to dinner and for ice cream!I missed the children and I’m sure they missed me too. However I don’t think they’ll mind if I disappear for one saturday a month if I bring home cool stuff like this…………

Everyone's happy in happy land!!

Everyone’s happy in happy land!!


Baby Bazaar is an awesome way to make sure your pre loved item go to a good home, the markets happen every month in Dubai at Time square mall, you find out more information from

Baby Bazaar

And can follow them on



Sunday photo



So as part of the family photo shoot we had done Miss c also had a cake smash for her 1st birthday. I know it hasn’t been taken this week but I received the disc of images from my friend Sarah and I just simply couldn’t not share this image!!!

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