Passing on your fears

What kind of person do you think you are? Kind, funny etc. I really want LPV to get my best traits, unfortunately he’s already got my stubborn trait the one thing I don’t want him to get is my scaredy cat trait. I’m am scared of pretty much everything, water even though I was a confident swimmer as a child,absolutely scared of anything with four legs not chairs & dinning room tables. Most of the time I scared to try new things because I worried about what people will think, my dutch for example I am scared to try what I’ve learn’t just in case people laugh. Sports etc scare me, on our honeymoon Expatdaddy wanted to get a Kayak and paddle out to one of the small Islands near Thailand, at this point I have to say that we were in Langkawi, Malaysia not the Island of White!! It was really that far but I was terrified and as soon as the beach got smaller I was “shouting that’s far enough, what if there’s a tsunami” For me thou actually getting the bloody Kayak was an achievement. Also have you seen Castaway, now I know I’m a wee bit crazy sometimes but I never want a Wilson!!!

On a trip to Sri Lanka, I sucked it up, pushed my fear of heights to the back of my head and we climbed Sigiria, shitting ones self does not begin to cover it but it was a massive accomplishment. I don’t want to be the Mammy that has to sit and hold the coats while her family goes off and enjoys themselves, I want to be the Mammy that gets stuck in, even tho she dying on the inside!! It was truly an amazing experience tho, if you ever get the opportunity, DO IT!!!

I climbed that!! Yay me!!

Whilst on holiday in Slovenia for our friends wedding, somebody in all their farking wisdom thought it would a superb idea to go white water rafting. Scared stiff but I agreed to it ,  I didn’t want to be the one that ruined it for our friends. I shoehorned myself into my wet suit and into the boat I went. It was fun I have to say, but all the while I just panicking that we’d tip over. Half way through we did some body surfing  “let the current take me, yeah dream on sunshine” but I did it. That bit I hated, along with jumping of a bridge into rock filled water with a current stronger than the incredible hulk!! Oh that’s something I’ve always dreamed off!! *sarcastic tone* I sat on the rock getting attacked by wasps while the others did it. It was fun, it really was *NO sarcastic tone* we all had a laugh, some of it was at my expense but sometimes I think you have to get this sort of thing to get over your fears.

Now I can say to LPV “over my dead body are you going White water rafting” all jokes aside I can tell him I did It, your Mammy is bad ass!!! I want him to be brave enough to try these things but to also be brave enough to admit he’s scared. I’m not going to be a wrap him up in cotton wool mammy, I want him to be a kid and try kids things but I’ll always be there to catch when he falls.

Yes there are photo’s………………………….

Look at my face, hahahaha

Which one am I, the only ADULT with her helmet still on, on dry land!!

Farking lunatic

Travel inspiration

I’ve been tagged in this fabby dabby meme by the lovely Foreigner as part of Easy jets inspiration initiative. This one has taken sometime and a lot of thinking but hopefully it’s a crowd pleaser.

Before I met Expat daddy I had No desire to travel, the thought of a backpack and hostel made me shudder, No where to plug-in my straighteners would have given me a nervous breakdown. Then I met him, we didn’t live near each  other so already he was whisking me off to exotic places like Derby!!!!!! I’d done the usual girly holidays, Magaluf, Greece but you don’t appreciate a country for its beauty at that age. Then it happened I moved!!! I moved out of Bristol out of England to….. Cardiff!! EPD had traveled tons with his job and I was beginning to get envious and not quite completely satisfied with our 2 up 2 down lifestyle anymore. We made a plan, we were going to get married and move to Ohio. The plan went Pete Tong!!

My relationship with EPD had brought me to more Counties in the Beautiful Emerald Isle, I’d only ever been to Tipperary, where my family are from

a wonder trip to Paris staying on the Champs Elysees where we officially got engaged.

Along the way our travels have taken us to Tunisia, where I picked up my first Jelly fish sting, amazing friends we met in Tunisia led us to the rainiest trip ever to Lake Bled, Slovenia!! Where we got soaked through riding bikes in the rain.

So how did it all go wrong? The move to Ohio is still on the cards, we’ve just made some detours along the way, after a beautiful 2 week honey moon in Malaysia or what I like to describe heaven on earth

Our first detour began in Dubai, here we lived for 3 great years on what felt like a permanent holiday, it will always hold a special place in my heart, we started our married life and my beautiful wee man was born there. The perfect location, a spring board that led to trips to Sri Lanka, Oman and some of the other united Arab Emirates

We left Dubai in November last year and headed to the land of Tulips & Windmills, we are currently living in the beautiful city of Haarlem in Holland. The changes in culture, lifestyle and weather have been tough to deal with but days are getting easier and easier.

Expat life can be so isolating at times, you don’t have the luxury of having close friends and family just down the road. However with the help of airlines like Easy Jet & KLM grandparents are just an hour away in Bristol and Cork. We’re settling in to Dutch life well and certainly enjoying the beautiful scenery!

Being Europe has Allowed me to catch up with Old friends and visits places like Finland, getting to practice my Skiing which I love to do,

LPV got to see animals such as bears and Bison at Helsinki zoo, he played  or should I say sank in the snow for the first time and splashed around in puddles until he couldn’t get anymore wet.

It’s difficult to tell right now what or where  the long-term future has in store for us or where we’ll end up, all I know is that tomorrow I’m flying to Cork via Brussels for a fab weekend with our family. In July we are going on a Mammy & daddy trip to Jordan, we are sailing from Holland to the UK, dropping the wee man off at his grandparents then flying with easy jet from  London to Jordan!! Sometime were so busy it makes my head spin and long for when life will get back to normal but who am I kidding this is normal and I love every minute.

So now I’m going to tag some lovely traveling ladies

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