Who’s yer daddy!!!

Firstly let me describe my husband for you, tall, handsome, kind hearted, I could actually go on forever but I don’t want to brag. Did you notice I left out the dark?? I did this for a reason……… he’s Irish so he’s rather on the pale side nor does he have dark hair, to be exact he has No hair. Now he will swear that he had hair when he met me but………whispy is not hair.

Anyhoo getting on with the story, hubs is bald and has glasses with black rims, this what our wee man has known  since the day he was born. So you can imagine his excitement when he saw his father on an easy-jet flight from Amsterdam to Bristol (his father is in America). “Daddy Daddy” tapping his “daddy” on the head and waving, luckily the man in question found it quite amusing, especially my complete and utter mortification.

Yesterday we took wee man  and his cousins out for dinner, the restaurant in question was full of families. LPV was waving frantically at someone, a family were leaving the same time as us and kindly the father held the door open for us, thank you we all said “bye daddy” said LPV. “What did he just say?” said the guy ” he called you daddy I said, I’m really sorry he’s just a bit confused” *cringes as the rather scary looking wife looks over*

Mortified I scurried back to my sisters car, sped away not realising LPV’s bottle of milk was on the roof of the car