It would appear that someone or something has turned out the lights in my life. Well that’s what it feels like at the moment, not sure if it’s cos we’re all ill & have the lurgy in our “house” *uses the term house, very loosely*, or that life is still pretty stressful at the moment but it’s dark and I can’t find the light switch, *stubs toe on mega blocks* It’s LPV and EPD I feel sorry for, I’m miserable, sullen, emotionally unpredictable and they deserve better. I feel like I’m in one of those swapping movies, like freaky friday or vice versa or something. Here I am in LPV’s “real mammy’s” body messing it all up, getting it all wrong, is this he wanders round the house saying “daddy” all day, no mention of mammy.

I lie awake at night wracking my brain as to why I’m feeling like this 1. yes I do keep forgetting to take “the” pills but is it the move,  the time of year, the fact that I’m still away from friends and family, no matter how much closer we are. All I know is that my mam & dad will be boarding a plane in precisely 3 minutes and I can’t wait to see them. We are moving into our new house tomorrow and it will be lovely for them to see it but the help, the help will be outstanding.

Maybe Mam & Dad can help fit a dimmer switch??