Thank you mummy big bum

I stumbled across a new blog recently called Mummybigbum. She’s  fairly new to blogging and writes some great posts, I was most surprised today to find out that she had givenme a Leibster blog award, the award for blogs that have less than 200 followers and that the nominator feels that blog deserves more attention. So thank you so much, the award came at a time where I felt that actually no-one was reading so I was toying with the idea of giving up, you’ve given me inspiration to carry on.


All I have to do now is spread the love to 5 deserving blogs so her goes

castawaywithdreams  is a beautifully written blog and it always has yummy cakes on it

dandilionsducksanddoughnuts This chicha loves her junk food, trashy tv and a good G&T  that alone deserves an award

fatherhooduncensored It’s lovely to see and read about being a new parent from the daddies point of view

Amsterdamummy This blog is my lifeline on all things dutch

mrsslummymummy Love this blog and her strange taste in christmas music


So there you have it. thank you again for my award I’ll cherish it and keep my feet on the ground

Awards galore

It’s so nice to feel loved & appreciated, especially when you don’t feel onto of your game!! The impending international stressout has taken up so much time so I feel that I have neglected expatworld completely. So imagine so shocked I was when I was given an award by not one but two of my fellow amazing mammy bloggers.

So absolutely ginormous thank you’s covered in chocolate & yummy stuff to the lovely Mum of one & Bluebird sunshine. They write the most fantastic posts so get yer booty on over to their blogging digs!!

So here it is………………………..fanfare


So there are rules to this award I have to tell you 7 secrets about myself…………..

  1. I have a phobia about tasting pasta & rice to see if it’s cooked, I just have to say I have not problem eating it when it’s on my plate.
  2. I once asked my dad if I could have an extra gear put into my car
  3. I could still talk you through the whole Goonies film!
  4. I once embarrassed myself in front of a “backstreet boy”
  5. I went to see Titanic 11 times
  6. I watch imagination movers when LPV has gone to bed
  7. I get claustrophobic in the bath

So there you go… crazy in a nutshell, so now I have to nominate 15 other blogs that catch my eye and I love to read

  1. bothabunch
  2. lexywoo
  3. rillyroos
  4. pinkoddy
  5. mostlyyummymummy
  6. londonmum
  7. Amsterdamummy
  8. general happenings
  9. butwhymummy

Ok now I know there is only 9 but it’s half 10 at night I we’ve been moving all day, this doesn’t mean I don’t love you all!!!!!