A personal achievement

As I said back last year I started a program called My Peak challenge and as I said it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. As a serial yoyo dieter I can not even fathom how much I have spent on ridiculous faddy programs, guaranteed to fail so you keep returning over and over spending money. Don’t get me wrong I lost weight with all of the “plans” but it never stayed off. MPC isn’t just about weight loss it is about a new you a healthier lifestyle that is maintainable, for me it’s given me such a positive outlook on food a sense of self-worth when I look in the mirror. The nutrition books help me to make healthier choices without being a slave to a certain way of eating. I get monthly training programs that have challenged me to my core, sweat pouring, taking every last bit of will and determination I have. It has given so much more confidence in my physical abilities. Last year as my personal physical challenge I decided to climb Ireland’s highest peak Carrauntoohil . I still look back at photos and think my god what in the hell was I thinking. A roller coaster of emotions in one day, there were times I was terrified (the devils ladder scared the hell out of me), times when I could go any further but the absolute euphoric feeling when I made it to the very top was amazing. The view was total shite thanks to the Irish weather but the sense of achievement hasn’t left me.  Before, I was a self-confessed lazy b**ch, now when we travel places and I see scenery I think to myself “I wonder how quick I could climb that”.


This is my 2nd year as a “peaker” not sure if there are any more mountain climbs in my future this year. Maybe in personal challenges, however my main physical challenge is to lift some heavier weights. I am a member of the #Lift2beatbloodcancer2018 challenge and I’m enjoying every painful muscle aching minute.


Today was an achievement, I did front squats with a 20kg barbel, not much to some but to me it’s huge!! This brings me on to the best part about MPC……..The friendships and support, the private group where you can bear your soul and nobody judges because they get it, they know and they’re going through it too.  The friends I have made all over the world, the global aspect of the program ensures that there is constant 24hr support due to time zones, you’re never alone. Feeling comfortable in the company of people you have never met before. Last summer I met up with a bunch of amazing ladies from The England Peaker group. What a fantastic day, we walked Sea walls in Bristol and then hit the pub to get hydrated. Some of these women, have fought the fight against cancer, watched their children do the same, have physical disabilities but they keep going and our a true inspiration to me. No excuses, no putting off until tomorrow, just getting the job done!! A massive point about MPC is that have of the membership fee goes to Bloodwise  a charity dedicated to raising money and finding a cure for blood cancers. Helping yourself was helping others, last year MPC raising a whopping $1,002, 419,00. How can that be a bad thing?

Mostly for me I want to be a positive influence for my children, let them see me making the right choices, getting outdoors, being active and being healthy. I don’t know If thats what they see? Or do the think, my god she’s more bat shit crazy than we first imagined!! One can only hope!



It’s untitled as I just don’t know what to call this post. I’ve been coming back and forth to the mac all day, staring, deciding whether I should start the blog again. I’ve actually had this blog for 7 years now. Ok, the name and content has changed a little but we’re still here. I started it to get me through a difficult time…. Postnatal depression. Now I feel I need it as a crutch again, only a small bit, I’m not down in the pits yet.

So my last post was over the summer of 2017, we’d just decided to stay put, here in Dubai. The children had started a new school and me a new job. Children are still at said school, very happy and settled, I enjoyed my time there, however I resigned, last week. The thing about working all day with other people’s children is that you’ve no time, compassion or energy left for your own. They’re young and helpless for such a short time, I didn’t want to spend that time resenting them because I was exhausted. EPD traveling has gone from nothing to something almost every week and it was all taking its toll. I know how fortunate I am to be in this position to be able to give up work. However this position has its down falls, no family around, to fall back on for support is the biggest one for me.

Anyhoo it’s not all doom and gloom, I joined an amazing fitness program call MyPeakChallange which has found me the most amazing friends from all over the world, ones that I know I will cherish forever. It’s changed my mindset and I have a far more positive relationship with myself because of this program.  No doubt you will get to hear more about it!!

In just under 3 weeks we embark on a fantastic family holiday to Sydney Australia. I can not wait to blog all about adventures. I’m not sure whether there are any followers left out there, I’m sure I can bride some new friends to follow, whats a few glasses of prosecco going to cost me?



Caravan fun

At the beginning of our summer trip home we spent a fantastic week at Devon Cliffs


We hired a lovely caravan privately, which was like a home away from and super comfortable. A far cry from the caravans I used to stay in as a child where the dinning table was your bed. It slept 6 easy had a spacious kitchen and living area. It even had a wii which I was thankful for when we got to experience the real British summer time.


What a fantastic place, we had a superb location with a sea view. 5 minutes walk to the park, a Go Ape type off ground obstacle course and bungee trampolines. These did come at extra costs but wasn’t ridiculously expensive. A stones through away from a beautiful beach, which when the tide was out left behind lots of gooey seaweed which the children loved and a wee little island with rock pools for crabbing. The indoor and outdoor pools were fantastic with slides for all ages and heights. It got extremely busy so I recommend either going for opening or around 4pm. I have a huge phobia about public swimming pools don’t ask However it was super clean and bearable. Even when there was a leaked swim nappy incident on the pool side it was cleaned promptly. However I did feel it was time to leave after that 💩

The main club had various fast food places, a sports bar with a soft play and restaurant up stairs. The amusements made us suitably bankrupt of 2 pence pieces and each night the children’s club ran shows and entertainment. Miss C very much enjoyed donning her pretty dresses and having a wee boogie! One thing it was lacking for me, was a gym. Or a gym that I could actually use. Daily I walked past a completely empty gym as it was only for “owners”. When I asked if could use it even if I paid, the member of staff looked at me like I was Oliver Twist, a peasant asking for exclusivity! “Oh no, it’s for owners only”. Personally I felt it was a total waste considering most of the owners I saw were sat in their private bar, drinking. I want to exercise that’s all. Can you sense it p***ed me off?

Its was a short bus ride away from Exmouth which had another lovely beach and great fantastic beach side activities


The children loved the bikes and it’s not everyday that you can say you’ve reversed parked a swan! We spent a day at Paighton Zoo (another post) a bit of a trek away but if you have your car it’s not a problem.

The children had a fantastic time, I’m a strong believer that all children should experience a caravan holiday, eat crap, drink frozen E numbers and have sandy ham sandwiches.

However these places to not make it easy if you’re on a budget, with what we spent in a caravan, club/pool passes, food, amusements etc You could probably get an all inclusive somewhere. Would you have a better time? I don’t know, I don’t think you can beat a good old fashioned holiday! I have amazing memories of mine and now hopefully my children do too! I would actually consider in the future investing in a caravan, I’m may even to use the gym 😂


*This is not a sponsored post