Homeschooling, Happy or in hell?

So in light of what is happening in the world, I’ve decided to start writing again. I was sat on the couch yesterday, looking through amazon for a “hobby” I’m really not that creative, I hate mess (although please don’t look in my living room right now), I was always shit at knitting as a kid. So this morning it dawned on me, I could go back to the blog. Are written blogs a thing of the past now? Is it all vlogs? To be honest I don’t care , I need something to stop me watching programmes like “Love is Blind” on Netflix. You see, here in Dubai the schools have closed down until April 5th. So here I am in uncharted territory of homeschooling, no job (I’m a shadow teacher) and trying to keep a low profile due to the Covid-19 virus . 

I’ve actually seriously considered offering to buy my sons teacher a brand new car if he comes to our house for the next 4 weeks as I’m seriously loosing my freaking mind trying to get him to do reading comprehension. Pulling teeth would be easier and probably a lot more fun. While people have gone mad stock piling I have made sure I’ve enough prosecco and Brew dog in my fridge for the purpose of homeschooling. I do take my hat off to those parents who do this on a full time basis, I find it’s extremely hard to get motivated when the couch is calling you. I taken to having “homeschool naps” most afternoons which in turn keep me up late, going back to work is going to be hard.

All jokes aside though, we have to just accept the situation for what it is, there’s no point being angry, upset (yesterday this was me when my beloved gym closed) it’s a situation we’re all dealing with, some at different extremes than others too. So what are you doing to cope? besides copious amounts of alcohol.

We are…………..

  • Being organised, plan what you will do with the children, even if it doesn’t go accordingly and lets face it, it probably won’t, you’ll feel better for planning.
  • Walk everyday, I’m dragging them out kicking at at screaming every morning and thats just the dog,  as far as I know fresh air hasn’t killed anyone yet.
  • Exercise, yes easier said than done, however most people are home schooling, so don’t just bark orders at the kids during a PE session, do it yourself, there are plenty of family HIIT sessions on You tube
  • Chores, get these kids learning life skills, fold the washing, wash the dishes, ok maybe not polishing Grandma’s antique tea set but you know what I mean
  • Tackle that To Do thats been getting bigger everyday
  • Screen time, ok controversial I know but why be a martyr, they can have it everyday but just limit it. Mine are having to earn it.
  • Have a supply of paper, I’d love to be arts and crafts Mammy but even writing it makes me want to be sick in my mouth. So we draw and paint, thats my limit!

You can find loads of useful thing on the internet, simple but fun. We experimented making rainbows with Skittles and water. Things don’t have to cost a fortune.

Happy lockdown





Legoland Water park!

The heat is rising here quite rapidly, so to finish off our spring break holiday we made the most of the coolish temperatures and headed to Legoland Water park. We’ve already experienced Legoland and you can catch up with that adventure here.  With Dubai parks offering free parking and 30% off to all UAE residents it was a no brainer really. The cost came down from 295AED to 160AED and we saved ourselves 85AED in parking fees. Everything always feels better when you have a discount. With all of us having fair skin, we left it until after lunch and toward the end of the midday sun to go. Being Easter/spring break the park wasn’t that busy and the queues we practically non-existent. The children had a blast and especially loved the joker soaker and build a raft lazy river. We settled the kids into the joker soaker and were watching them on the slides when literally the joke was on us and the huge bucket of water tipped, emptying gallons and gallons on unsuspecting parents like ourselves. I know it was a children’s water park but I wasn’t going to be responsible for the language that left my mouth. It was freezing!!

Anyhoo it gave us all a laugh and we went off exploring, where we found the build a raft lazy river. As you go round there are big Lego brick floating in the water which you can attach to your raft. Being the competitive family we are it immediately turned in to who can sabotage each other raft the quickest.

We made a trip to wave pool, floatation jackets were available for wee Miss C and she really enjoyed it. The children found the build and race your own miniature boat area and enjoyed building with Lego in the water!!

It was time for an ice cream before we explored some more, 20AED each for ice cream wasn’t too bad, considering we’ve just come back from Disney it was a welcomed price! EPD and LPV went on few other rides that Miss C wasn’t tall enough for, so we had a mini melt down.  Then she was happy as Larry in the Duplo area with side and animals she could sit on!

At this point it was starting to cool and their poor little teeth were starting to chatter. We got dressed and headed to the new Irish Village in Riverland. It was beautiful and reminded me of the town out of Beauty and the beast. We had a yummy dinner and listened to the various live music that was on offer with stages dotted around all around Riverland. The children really enjoyed The Micheal Jackson tribute singing, I knew they had good taste in music.

With everyone tired and pooped out we caught the shuttle bus back to the car park and headed home. A great day had by all and sincerely recommend a visit before we all start melting!!


Old skool

We’re rocking it old school in our house at the moment, introducing the children to the games I used to play when I was a child. The TV gets switched off and we start with a family game of hide and seek, our Harry potter cupboard under stairs is an awesome place to hide. However the kids follow me there all the time so daddy always finds me first. They love it, its great to play in large and small space, its free and its inside away from the sweatbox out.

Found you!!

Found you!!

Miss C’s absolute favourite is “Whats the time Mr wolf” however when she’s the wolf we only ever get to walk 2 steps as that’s the only time she knows and then its dinner time. I love this game I think it helps with their numeracy skills, gross motor skills and well to be frank I love scaring the s**t out of them when I shout “dinner time”. I have really fond memories from my childhood of playing this on the grass outside our house. Again if you have the space you can play it inside, smaller spaces maybe a bit of a disaster waiting to happen.

Duck, duck goose, not the greatest of games if daddy isn’t home to play, as we have a rather small circle, again  this is a favourite of the little humans living here. To be honest they just adore running and a few quick games of this before bath time isn’t going to do any harm 😉 I think it helps to learn to take their turn, they also have to except that sometimes you can’t win (this is when our games hastily end when a certain someone doesn’t win……yes daddy I’m talking about you). And all of that running is great exercise and good for their physical development.

I spy is a fantastic game as you can play it literally anywhere, LPV likes to play, while Miss C doesn’t really understand  she’s just babbles “something beginning with trees” we all clap and then its someone else’s turn. On Sunday evening we sat outside for ages waiting for daddy to come home playing I spy. It made the kids really aware of their surroundings, it can also help with their phonics too. Can be great for the airport for our impending travel and anytime you just want to still sit.

We’re working on our “Simon says” but to be honest neither of them listen to me so why should they listen to him. Another great one for small spaces and to kill a bit of time in the Dubai summer. I think it encourages them to listen *laughs head off* also taking instructions and if you want to be mean and make them try weird and wonderful things, it can help with balance and coordination etc.

Really can not wait to try new games in the winter like bulldog and hopscotch  and I don’t think our landlord would appreciate chalk on the white tiled floor. Stuck in the mud and blind mans bluff  are two other great ones however I think I better wait until Miss C gets a little older to stick a blindfold on her, that’s just a trip to A&E waiting to happen.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google

What games did you play as a child that you’d want to share with your wee ones?