As the big 3 birthday gets closer & closer and I will undoubtably be up to my eyes in Thomas the Tank birthday paraphernalia I’m starting to get a bit mushy and all warm and cosy inside. I look at my baby, he’ll always be my baby and a see such a gorgeous, intelligent, stubborn amazing little man.

However, him growing up and becoming 3 is one step closer to starting school, Dutch school!!! The first school is uncharted territory for most parents but the first school where you as a parent don’t speak or understand the language is even more scary. I always dreamt of helping LPV with his phonics and I’m so sad that I wont get the opportunity to be “all hail Mammy, queen of the phonics”. I worry that I’ll be no help at all as I’ll be like a school kid trying to learn it myself.

I worry about him being the odd one out, the kid who’s Mammy can’t talk to the other Mammies. Will the fact that he is not a native make him an easy target for being bullied. It’s a year away but these things still keep me awake at night, should we go see the international school? Will his friends constantly leaving or changing at international school be more detrimental than putting him in a dutch school?

These worries have been exacerbated by a local kid being aggressive to LPV today, he was playing happily when this kid hit him with a toys bus, he cried but got on with it. The next thing this kid is squaring up to LPV and roaring at him, really aggressively. LPV kind of cower and winced with every roar and I just wanted to shout  “get  stuffed your horrible brat” or words to that effect but I also have to let him fight his own battles too.

I’m not saying if we were anywhere else in the world I would have worries but if we spoke the language I think I wouldn’t threat so much. I have to start my dutch lesson again, I know that but with two children one of who only being 4 months the thought of trying to learn a language makes me want to curl up and rock!!

I’m sure he’ll be as amazing as ever and adjust brilliantly but until that happens I’ve a whole year to worry about it.

The Lake

Title sounds like this post should be scary doesn’t it? The Lake staring Expatmammy & LPV will they get out……Alive!!!!!

Actually it wasn’t scary we had the best afternoon, who needs Jumeirah beach when you can have a couple of days or random sunshine in Holland and….The Lake!! The mammies at the expat group had always talked about the lake, I was starting to worry whether it would be one of those things I’d never get round to doing like shaving my legs luckily we went today and legs have been shaved!!

Basically the Lake does exactly what it says on the tin!! It’s a lake surrounded by sand dunes and is part of the Kennermerland National park, best part for us? it’s a 20 minute cycle away. Today however we went by car, as I was particularly thankful for on the way back.

Da Lake!!!!


So we had a blast, both me and friend packed a few wee snacks, K brought her UV tent  so LPV could sit in it, however he never sat still for more than 2 mins, enough time to stuff some wotsits in his mouth and away he went. Factor 50 slapped on him so not a bit of skin of  that precious Irish skin could see the sun. He was in the water, out the water, in the water, out the water, face down in the sand, cried for a bit. Back in the water, fell face down in water, got up dusted his hands (???). Stole a few toys off other children, Mammy gave a few toys back, LPV has a policy being if you snooze you loose when it come to others toys!!

As our time wore on he gradually went from shorts, t-shirt & nappy to just  T-shirt with me following him around with his spade. Just incase he decided to relieve himself Number 2 wise in the lake, luckily he saved that for Expatdaddy at bath time. On the way back to the car we stopped for a lolly but this was not good enough for my son, so whilst I had a small kid sized fruit lolly he has a  great big full-sized white chocolate magnum. It’s now 19:40 and he’s gone to bed without a peep, dreaming of his next watery escapade!!!

We call this one “Cockleshell Bay”


European thing

Today as normal for a Wednesday I dropped LPV at daycare, felt like the worst mother on the earth and headed to the gym. Usually all being well with her wee one I meet my friend Em there we workout and then have a quick coffee after.  Not particularly European or British just normal right? Done in every country around the world.

After the gym I go into the changing room to get my bag, I don’t shower at the gym I have a ridiculous phobia about changing room floors and standing in someone else’s hair or soggy bits of toilet roll. Anyhoo I walk into the changing room and there it was, the Dutch “were comfortable with nakedness” way of life just staring at me. If there has been an old man in a silk dressing gown I  could have  been at the playboy mansion. I not a prude, granted I not entirely comfortable with my body but damn girls put them away or you have someones eye out!!!

I’ve been members of gyms in a few countries now, at home some people do strut around the changing rooms projecting “look at me aren’t I fabulous, I live off cigarettes and rocket” these are generally the people you’ll  find at the park in bikini’s as motherventing discovered this week. In Dubai I don’t think anyone dare strut around starkers even if it is a ladies changing room but here in Holland its whole new ball game. The gents leave the door open to their changing rooms, which is most embarrassing when you have to chase after your child who decides to run in there and when you arrive at the ladies it’s tits on parade.  My poor eyes can’t take anymore so from now on I’m opening the door with my eyes closed *walks into lockers and knocks self out*.

I think they should bring out a new poster

Nuff  Said innit!!!