Legoland Water park!

The heat is rising here quite rapidly, so to finish off our spring break holiday we made the most of the coolish temperatures and headed to Legoland Water park. We’ve already experienced Legoland and you can catch up with that adventure here.  With Dubai parks offering free parking and 30% off to all UAE residents it was a no brainer really. The cost came down from 295AED to 160AED and we saved ourselves 85AED in parking fees. Everything always feels better when you have a discount. With all of us having fair skin, we left it until after lunch and toward the end of the midday sun to go. Being Easter/spring break the park wasn’t that busy and the queues we practically non-existent. The children had a blast and especially loved the joker soaker and build a raft lazy river. We settled the kids into the joker soaker and were watching them on the slides when literally the joke was on us and the huge bucket of water tipped, emptying gallons and gallons on unsuspecting parents like ourselves. I know it was a children’s water park but I wasn’t going to be responsible for the language that left my mouth. It was freezing!!

Anyhoo it gave us all a laugh and we went off exploring, where we found the build a raft lazy river. As you go round there are big Lego brick floating in the water which you can attach to your raft. Being the competitive family we are it immediately turned in to who can sabotage each other raft the quickest.

We made a trip to wave pool, floatation jackets were available for wee Miss C and she really enjoyed it. The children found the build and race your own miniature boat area and enjoyed building with Lego in the water!!

It was time for an ice cream before we explored some more, 20AED each for ice cream wasn’t too bad, considering we’ve just come back from Disney it was a welcomed price! EPD and LPV went on few other rides that Miss C wasn’t tall enough for, so we had a mini melt down.  Then she was happy as Larry in the Duplo area with side and animals she could sit on!

At this point it was starting to cool and their poor little teeth were starting to chatter. We got dressed and headed to the new Irish Village in Riverland. It was beautiful and reminded me of the town out of Beauty and the beast. We had a yummy dinner and listened to the various live music that was on offer with stages dotted around all around Riverland. The children really enjoyed The Micheal Jackson tribute singing, I knew they had good taste in music.

With everyone tired and pooped out we caught the shuttle bus back to the car park and headed home. A great day had by all and sincerely recommend a visit before we all start melting!!



Healthy Home is a happy home

Hello, yes its me, sorry you probably don’t recognise me it’s been so long………………..

I’m just going to straight into it, last month we had a visit from Healthy Home ME they offer me a trial of one of their superb cleaning services. Let me tell you a little bit more about them in their own words

“You may have a spotless home but did you know that you are currently sharing your bed with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mould spores and bacteria that greedily make use of your mattress as a reproduction haven? Millions of microscopic dust mites have been medically proven to trigger several health problems such as Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and more. Plus dust mite excrement inhaled by pregnant women could be the cause of Asthma and Allergies in up to 20% of new born babies. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a new mattress, how often you change the sheets, the cleanliness of the mattress covers, or even if you take the time to vacuum it every now and then- these impurities are deeply embedded in the mattress and requires professional treatment to remove these unwanted guests. This is where we come in. The Healthy Home® is a clinically-developed, deep cleaning and sanitizing application treatment that is dry and chemical-free, so there’s no odor, no drying time; and it’s absolutely SAFE for any type or size of mattress. Our technology, exclusive to The Healthy Home® in the Middle East, is the world’s first and only Ultra Violet mattress sanitising device”


Nothing prepared me for what I was about to see, my lovely clean bed that regularly changed, the place we sleep……YUK!!!


First let use a super-duper vacuum that removes all the crap, crap meaning dust particles, fungal spores the word fungal makes me want to puke. Next its time for a good sanitize by using an Ultra Violet light that would give any CSI New York team a run for its money, this destroys DNA, mould and any other nasties that we’re missed the first time round.

Yeah it was really that simple, the guys we’re quick but very thorough, ok they have equipment but there wasn’t boxes and water all over the place. they we’re extremely efficient VERY polite and courteous and very knowledgeable about the whole process!

I have to say It didn’t change my life, or make me sleep any better however just the peace of mind knowing that the mattress had undergone the treat was enough, I would definitely use them again especially the children’s mattresses and our rugs downstairs.

The services they offer are great, not only do they treat mattresses but the do carpets, upholstery & curtains, in homes, schools, business etc

They’re price are pretty reasonable ranging from 350dhs for a kingside mattress to 150dhs to a crib mattress, with the mattress treatment you also get a complimentary duvet and two pillows cleaned!!

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Sleep well in your clean mattresses everyone!!







Forget me not

Sorry its been a while hasn’t it? I just really struggling to find time to blog at the moment. Anyway let’s get down to business straight away, I was sent some labels from Forget me not 

Here’s what they say about their products

It was not long after we met 3 years ago that we started talking about wanting to put our ambitions, creativity and positive energy into a web-shop together. We both became mums for the first time and that was where we wanted to get our inspiration from. What would benefit other mums in this region? It was when our firstborns started nursery that we found what we were looking for!

At forget me not we strive for simplicity and fun. Who said that labels have to be boring! Besides labels you will find other fun personalized products and we are making every effort to expand our collection. Contact us if you want your own ideas incorporated in any of our personalized products!

I did panic when they arrived, how on earth was I going to review stickers????? However its possible as they’re pretty awesome, I sent the ladies the children’s names and within 48hours these beautiful, brightly clouded fun stickers and iron labels had arrived.

Pick and go labels

Pick and go labels

LPV got to work immediately sticking them on his snack box and his water cup for nursery, this I have to say has come in super handy this week with him being at Spring camp and with teachers and staff that don’t know him as well. Everyday the “right” cup has come home. The camel bak water cup boom has proven to be the bain of my life at times, with not the widest range available here in Dubai you can bet someone else has the exact cup, in the park or school or soft play.

ooopps now you know his name

ooopps now you know his name

The iron labels are fantastic, they’ve done a great job they stayed on and survived several washes too…and they’re still going!! You can order split pack so you don’t have to buy separate if you have more than one child,

Their labels are fair beyond boring I can tell you, you can see for yourself they are attractive, the font is easy to read and the clouds are great, the pick and go labels are good if you are not feeling particularly creative and don’t want to design your own labels. However if you want your own bespoke label you can do that here. All the labels are microwave safe dishwasher durable and UV resistant, for us living here this is a must as EVERYTHING fades in the sun……mostly my energy.

Forget me not have awhile range on their website, you can get lunch boxes with names printed on, plates & cups for dinner time, wall and bedroom stickers!! They also do an allergy range which is extremely useful, we are luckily in the fact that at the moment neither of our children have any allergies touches wooden desk but you never know when they could sneak up and make your life difficult.


I think by far though the best product they offer in my humble opinion is information re-usable wrist bands. As the mother of road runner (that’s what I was called too) this is a MUST, LPV runs off all the time, most of the time its in a shop or supermarket but this year we are planning on taking the children to the rugby 7’s. My heart will still be in my mouth the whole time but If he’s wearing one of these at least I know if a decent human being find him they will contact me!! I will be purchasing some immediately. Priced at only 25dhs it’s very reasonable,however who could put a price on your child’s safety?


All of Forget me nots prices are reasonable, costs do vary depending on what type of stickers/packs or labels you order, for me the only disappointment would be that shipping within the UAE is 25dhs however if your weigh it up against the hassle of charger around the various malls in Dubai only to come home without what you need it’s not that much.

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