Homeschooling, Happy or in hell?

So in light of what is happening in the world, I’ve decided to start writing again. I was sat on the couch yesterday, looking through amazon for a “hobby” I’m really not that creative, I hate mess (although please don’t look in my living room right now), I was always shit at knitting as a kid. So this morning it dawned on me, I could go back to the blog. Are written blogs a thing of the past now? Is it all vlogs? To be honest I don’t care , I need something to stop me watching programmes like “Love is Blind” on Netflix. You see, here in Dubai the schools have closed down until April 5th. So here I am in uncharted territory of homeschooling, no job (I’m a shadow teacher) and trying to keep a low profile due to the Covid-19 virus . 

I’ve actually seriously considered offering to buy my sons teacher a brand new car if he comes to our house for the next 4 weeks as I’m seriously loosing my freaking mind trying to get him to do reading comprehension. Pulling teeth would be easier and probably a lot more fun. While people have gone mad stock piling I have made sure I’ve enough prosecco and Brew dog in my fridge for the purpose of homeschooling. I do take my hat off to those parents who do this on a full time basis, I find it’s extremely hard to get motivated when the couch is calling you. I taken to having “homeschool naps” most afternoons which in turn keep me up late, going back to work is going to be hard.

All jokes aside though, we have to just accept the situation for what it is, there’s no point being angry, upset (yesterday this was me when my beloved gym closed) it’s a situation we’re all dealing with, some at different extremes than others too. So what are you doing to cope? besides copious amounts of alcohol.

We are…………..

  • Being organised, plan what you will do with the children, even if it doesn’t go accordingly and lets face it, it probably won’t, you’ll feel better for planning.
  • Walk everyday, I’m dragging them out kicking at at screaming every morning and thats just the dog,  as far as I know fresh air hasn’t killed anyone yet.
  • Exercise, yes easier said than done, however most people are home schooling, so don’t just bark orders at the kids during a PE session, do it yourself, there are plenty of family HIIT sessions on You tube
  • Chores, get these kids learning life skills, fold the washing, wash the dishes, ok maybe not polishing Grandma’s antique tea set but you know what I mean
  • Tackle that To Do thats been getting bigger everyday
  • Screen time, ok controversial I know but why be a martyr, they can have it everyday but just limit it. Mine are having to earn it.
  • Have a supply of paper, I’d love to be arts and crafts Mammy but even writing it makes me want to be sick in my mouth. So we draw and paint, thats my limit!

You can find loads of useful thing on the internet, simple but fun. We experimented making rainbows with Skittles and water. Things don’t have to cost a fortune.

Happy lockdown





Flying Duck Farm

I go in fits and starts with this blog,  however not working full time I do need to occupy my head and to stay off social media. So when someone actually turned around and said to me they had read my blog (thanks Marco) I was delighted. I’ve decided to keep updating it, lots has happened since the last post! For one I’ve become a powerlifter!!! No my neck isn’t the same size as my thigh, at least I hope it hasn’t! Anyhoo that’s all to come, first I still need to post about our Australian antics. It’s a good job it was such a memorable holiday all the details are still fresh in my head.

So as you know we visited Australia in March 2018, we spent a week in Sydney before heading out to Lawson in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Again we used a trusty old airbnb and stayed in the the beautiful Flying Duck farm.  This place was absolutely gorgeous, a small little farm in a town set in the Blue Mountains. Ran by the wonderful Zoe, who keeps goats, chickens, ducks and dogs. The house is very environmentally friendly with solar panels for hot water and electricity.

The house itself is beautifully decorated to it’s surroundings, with gorgeous decking area that presents the most  phenomenal sunsets I have ever seen in my life! When I was working out in the morning I was joined by  parrots and cockatoos in the trees above.   You really feel relaxed and grounded in this house, it really was natures therapy. I would go back in an absolute heartbeat.


Mainly open plan with lots of windows and doors you could see the fantastic area around, kick the kids out into the garden and be able to keep and eye on them. There was fire pit so we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories and on our last evening.

The house is in a great location to all the Blue Mountains have to offer too, it was cleaned to the highest standards and clear it was built with love. It is an absolute must for anyone planning a trip to this magnificent country.

A new arrival

Well a lot has gone on since I posted last. We’ve had the summer at home in the UK & Ireland, moved house again (I Know) and we now have a new edition to family expat!

Introducing Luna Pug-Good

Yes, she is named after Luna Love-good from Harry potter, Yes I know she’s wearing the wrong house scarf, however she’s a now honorary  Griffyndor now and I think the colours suit her.

we only had her a few weeks and yet we are all totally smitten with her.

So we have adopted Luna from a charity here in the UAE called PARA we only had her a few weeks and yet we are all totally smitten with her. She is absolutely bananas she’s turned our lives completely upside down. She has the biggest tongue I’ve ever since and an attitude to match. Clearly visible when she barks her little toosh of at anything that moves when we’re out walking. Having a dog/puppy is just like having a third child. Trying to establish boundaries, to avoid crapping on the floor and she’ll only do as she’s told if you give her food!! She has a thing for socks, will shout at you when you’ve been out too long and looks at me like I’m insane when I let her out at night.  It’s actually very hard to believe that someone just dumped this cutie and left her to fend for herself in the burning Dubai sun. We were lucky that she didn’t have any serious injuries or skin conditions from being abandoned. Some dogs aren’t as lucky, there are so many wonderful people around Dubai and other emirates doing what they can for these poor animals that are just being discarded.  PARA regularly hold adoption days so if you are in a position to offer a foster or forever home please contact the lovely Sara or Fatima via their Facebook page.

I’m sure there will be several more stories about Luna as living with a dog will not make life boring, especially her doggy training with Dog Tags Dubai. I’ve never seen someone have such a hold over a dog just by holding a piece of duck doggy treats!!