Caravan fun

At the beginning of our summer trip home we spent a fantastic week at Devon Cliffs


We hired a lovely caravan privately, which was like a home away from and super comfortable. A far cry from the caravans I used to stay in as a child where the dinning table was your bed. It slept 6 easy had a spacious kitchen and living area. It even had a wii which I was thankful for when we got to experience the real British summer time.


What a fantastic place, we had a superb location with a sea view. 5 minutes walk to the park, a Go Ape type off ground obstacle course and bungee trampolines. These did come at extra costs but wasn’t ridiculously expensive. A stones through away from a beautiful beach, which when the tide was out left behind lots of gooey seaweed which the children loved and a wee little island with rock pools for crabbing. The indoor and outdoor pools were fantastic with slides for all ages and heights. It got extremely busy so I recommend either going for opening or around 4pm. I have a huge phobia about public swimming pools don’t ask However it was super clean and bearable. Even when there was a leaked swim nappy incident on the pool side it was cleaned promptly. However I did feel it was time to leave after that 💩

The main club had various fast food places, a sports bar with a soft play and restaurant up stairs. The amusements made us suitably bankrupt of 2 pence pieces and each night the children’s club ran shows and entertainment. Miss C very much enjoyed donning her pretty dresses and having a wee boogie! One thing it was lacking for me, was a gym. Or a gym that I could actually use. Daily I walked past a completely empty gym as it was only for “owners”. When I asked if could use it even if I paid, the member of staff looked at me like I was Oliver Twist, a peasant asking for exclusivity! “Oh no, it’s for owners only”. Personally I felt it was a total waste considering most of the owners I saw were sat in their private bar, drinking. I want to exercise that’s all. Can you sense it p***ed me off?

Its was a short bus ride away from Exmouth which had another lovely beach and great fantastic beach side activities


The children loved the bikes and it’s not everyday that you can say you’ve reversed parked a swan! We spent a day at Paighton Zoo (another post) a bit of a trek away but if you have your car it’s not a problem.

The children had a fantastic time, I’m a strong believer that all children should experience a caravan holiday, eat crap, drink frozen E numbers and have sandy ham sandwiches.

However these places to not make it easy if you’re on a budget, with what we spent in a caravan, club/pool passes, food, amusements etc You could probably get an all inclusive somewhere. Would you have a better time? I don’t know, I don’t think you can beat a good old fashioned holiday! I have amazing memories of mine and now hopefully my children do too! I would actually consider in the future investing in a caravan, I’m may even to use the gym 😂


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Time for a change

I’m so good at this blogging marlarky that the last time I posted was easter 🙈

Yep brilliant! So there’s been a lot of changes since then. Our plan for this summer was to bid maʿ al-salāmah to Dubai, houses were being hunted, schools were being researched. However it wasn’t the right time to leave so we will stay until the right opportunity comes our way. The children are happy, although it’s beyond expensive it’s better for us to stay.

There will be some changes to our lives though,  at the end of term I said a sad farewell to my classroom, I loved teaching FS1 but when your job takes its toll on your family something has to change. We also said a said farewell to the lovely  Safa British School  who gave us 3 very happy years. The children have an even greater new school where Mammy aka me has a teaching assistant position. As I said before I loved to teach but MY children will come before any others. I needed a job with less stress and less working outside my contracted hours.

We will also say goodbye our family home in search of a new one, it will be sad. Miss C took her first steps in it, my dad set fire to the oven one Christmas (prompting me to very excited about using my fire extinguisher, turning the whole kitchen into a toxic winter wonderland) LPV left there for his first day at big school. So many wonderful memories, however I have a new house in my sights and fingers crossed we get it.

I’ve  never really been one for change, I like things the way I like them. Maybe I’ve changed as I’m super excited about our new impending chapters.

I’m sure now I’ll have less “work” to do in the evening you’ll hear all about them.

For now I wish you good night from beautiful Co. Cork


The year gone by


This is a strange time of year, a time of joy and excitement, potential bankrupcy and at times  sadness. It’s definitely a time to reflect on one’s life, a year gone by full of highlights and some bumps in the road.

I have to say for me one of the highlights of this year was our family trip to Hong Kong. Being an expat I sometimes find that you end up using all your holiday time a money flying backward & forwards to home. Which, don’t get me wrong is lovely. However it’s never a proper holiday. So this year we were selfish and used the Easter break to take a family trip, just the 4 of us to Hong Kong! We took the plunge and booked totally landing on our feet by bagging two for one flights with Qatar airways. Only going for 6 days we split the trip into adults and kids, the first few days we took in the sights of Hong Kong and the last two days were all about the kids at Hong Kong Disney. We booked into the Marriott hotel  not the most child friendly but in a superb location. It had a pool which was freezing and was attached to mall so we didn’t have to go far to eat. As I said before it was in a great location, a short walk away from Hong Kong park, a beautiful oasis in the middle of this bustling city. Play area’s, waterfalls & streams filled with terrapins, restaurants and an aviary. All for free!img_2813

We were also with walking distance of the extremely steep tram that takes you up to Victoria Peak, if you can bear the ride up and people push to get on the tram first. You’ll be greeted with some of the most breathtaking views of Hong Kong city and Kowloon. We were extremely lucky with our weather as it was a warm spring day, no clouds in the sky and zero humidity.


We also took a ferry ride across to Kowloon and watched the city light show, it was fantastic but of course the children we’re far more excited about the ferry. We also went to the Hong Kong observation wheel. This for me was hell on earth but the kids loved it and I think it did a fab job of hiding my complete and utter fear. We then checked out and headed over to Disney. We got a good deal staying at Disney Hollywood hotel the pool was unfortunately out of use however we we’re so busy at Disneyland we didn’t even have time to explore the hotel fully. However we  loved it, there was a Disney movie playing in reception while we were checking in so the children weren’t running around like loonies.Every was Disney down to the wee soaps in the bathroom. We checked in  dumped our stuff and jumped the free bus to the park. We struck gold on our first day at the park, although we got there at lunch time we pretty much walked on to every ride.


The favourite was toys story land and future land where we met Buzz lightyear and found Star wars eggs! We also were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when meeting our other favourites. To see the children’s smiles was pure magic and I would do it all over again.










I have to say Hong kong was expensive, it was on parr with Dubai so although we had saved we went through our money pretty quickly. If you’re thinking of making the trip I’d get saving as you don’t want to scrimp in this amazing place.

To end our, much to our sons disgust we went to visit the “Big Buddha/Tian Tan” we climbed the 260 steps all the way to the top. the views were awesome even if it was very smoggy and humid. After being convinced by my family I braved the Nygong Ping 360 cable car, not an experience I would want to do again as I’m afraid of height but it’s the best and most beautiful way of getting back to Hong Kong Island.

So that was our amazing trip in a nutshell, start packing and get going, show your children the world is their oyster.