Today was a day of change for my wee man, today he started Peuterspeezaal. This is like a form of dutch nursery school/playschool, I’ve been talking to him about for quite some time, however you never really know how much they actually take in. Or whether he’s like his daddy and gets that glazed over look when I talk too much.

The day didn’t get off to a great start, when I mentioned him getting dressed for school he went quiet and turned back to watch Thomas again. He then looked at me teary eyed and said “mammy come too” this then destroyed me and EPD came down stairs to find us both crying cuddling each other.

So we all got dressed got in the car, drove to new school and I took him in, it started well he handed over snuggy & na (snuggle blanket & dummy) and went to find his favourite bus that he knew they had. I told the teacher I was just going to leave after I said goodbye to him, she walked over to him and he went nuts. I just left and went around the corner to look in the window, I could still hear him screaming, next thing I know my phone rings and its EPD “wanna come sit in the car?” amusing really as he couldn’t leave either. We waited for a bit and then I went back to see if he was ok. Worse mistake I could make, I peeked in and seen MY baby, alone in the corner crying. Que mother guilt on a whole new level, the pre school teacher in me knew what they were doing, they’ve other children to deal with and they were doing circle time, probably hoping to entice him to join in. However the mother in me wanted to burst in scoop him up and call them heartless bitches and keep him at home with me.

Later I had a call to say he was fine and when I went to fetch him he was as happy as a pig in poop, they said he was happy but has quote “A lot of rules to learn” sweet jesus lady he’s two and a half of course he has rules to learn and it is his first day.

Anyway he’s been talking about school a lot this afternoon so I hope he’s more chipper when he returns on Friday and I’m less emotional

I don’t think this will ever get easier, I’m a protector now and its my instinct to protect my young, like a lioness, rooooooaaaaaaaarrrr!

Mammies gone wild

I am away from my baby……… You know what that means? I’m living the life of Riley, I’m drunk all the time, I’m sleeping soundly, sleeping in….. a real time for mammies gone wild!!

So far I’ve sat next to a family with a toddler on the plane and used the episodes of “Chuggington” on my phone to pacify their daughter. I actually bought some M&S knickers, I’ve had 3 Gins in a tin, restless sleep, hence the 1am blog post. I’ve been up at 8am and lastly done a shop at ASDA or CHAVSDA and although I didn’t see any shoppers in their dressing gowns and slippers *highly disappointed* I did purchase Jelly snakes for a certain toddlers Gruffalo party!! Scrambled snake here we come!!

Oh how the mighty have fallen……..

Anyhoo tomorrow is a new day and the day I’m off with my Mam and big sis to watch “Westlife” *watches street cred disappear into the sunset*. I may be completely out of control and throw my new M&S knickers at them!!


I think we all think we do a fairly good job of staying healthy, or I least i thought I did. I have always gone to the gym when I could be arsed  and I have been on a diet for as longer as I can remember. However I don’t feel healthy buy any means, right now I feel like a heart attack waiting to happen and since moving here I’ve developed quite an unhealthy addition to caffeine *shakes as she types*.

How selfish of me for letting myself get in this state, what would happen to LPV if something happened to me?? He’d have his father but he needs his Mammy, I also should be setting him a good example. I’d like to think I was a get up and go outdoorsy type but I’m seriously not, I’m lazy and I really want to change.

So…………on the advice of fellow blogger I have downloaded an app for my phone called Couch to 5k so tonight I am going to start running. It’s no secret I have absolute ginormous bangers and because of these i always hated running but I’m going to give it a whirl.

Wish me luck!!! If I die, I love you all!!!