Thank you mummy big bum

I stumbled across a new blog recently called Mummybigbum. She’s  fairly new to blogging and writes some great posts, I was most surprised today to find out that she had givenme a Leibster blog award, the award for blogs that have less than 200 followers and that the nominator feels that blog deserves more attention. So thank you so much, the award came at a time where I felt that actually no-one was reading so I was toying with the idea of giving up, you’ve given me inspiration to carry on.


All I have to do now is spread the love to 5 deserving blogs so her goes

castawaywithdreams  is a beautifully written blog and it always has yummy cakes on it

dandilionsducksanddoughnuts This chicha loves her junk food, trashy tv and a good G&T  that alone deserves an award

fatherhooduncensored It’s lovely to see and read about being a new parent from the daddies point of view

Amsterdamummy This blog is my lifeline on all things dutch

mrsslummymummy Love this blog and her strange taste in christmas music


So there you have it. thank you again for my award I’ll cherish it and keep my feet on the ground


Over at mumofone JB has done a fabby listography of her top 5 toys. I was going to follow suit but I couldn’t for the life of me decide on our top 5 mainly because our living room looks like this most of the time!!

us on a good day

 So moi, in my wisdom, has come up with an alternative, mainly because I’m hungry and I need to do anything to stop myself from eating chocolate. Where was I? OH yes, LPV loves books so I decided to share his top 5 book he loves.

In at #5 (cue old top of the pops chart music and red rimmed Mike Read glasses

As I was saying #5 Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers 

It’s a lovely little rhyming book and LPV loves it


#4   Each Peach Pear Plum By Janet & Allan Ahlberg

definitely a bedtime favourite in our house (A lovely birthday pressie from Aunty Monkey)


#3 That’s not my plane By Fiona Watt

We have lots of these books I think they’re lovely


#2 I won’t bite By Rod Campbell

He’s a favourite author of ours, LPV loves this book especially the crocodile at the end


#1 Dear Zoo By Rod Campbell

I flippin love this book, so does LPV and so did my old class when I was a pre school teacher, such a lovely book

ABC’s of me

Hi all LPV and I registered our blog on to cool online community called Voiceboks, it’s been really helpful with advice for our blog and we’ve made some lovely new friends. here’s a chance to get to know a weeshy bit more!!

  • A: Absent minded since childbirth actually maybe a little before that!!
  • B: Blogging, I love it, it’s the only hobbies I’ve ever stuck at!!
  • C: Coke of the diet variety, I’m addicted to the stuff
  • D: Dubai, is the amazing city where I live at the moment
  • E: Expat, Some body once said to me, Once an expat always an expat, I’m starting to think it’s true
  • F: Friends, I have amazing one’s all over the world, I think about you all everyday
  • G: Gossip, Love a good one
  • H: Hops, I really can’t get my head round blog hopping
  •  I: iphone, I’m desperate for one
  • J: Jerseylicious, I know it’s awful, staged but it’s addictive

    Check out that barnet!!!!

  • K: Krispy Kreme, the reason why none of my clothes fit
  • L: LPV, my son and the reason I smile everyday
  • M: Monkey, I do the best Monkey impressions ever
  • N: Nursing, I can’t figure out whether I miss it or not
  • O: Olives, mini bits of evil in a jar, I hate them



  • P: Planner, I’m really not a fly by the seat of my pants gal, I like to plan I like to know where life is going
  • Q: Quote, Favourite quote would be……………” it’s T*ts on toast baby but you make it work”
  • R: Rain, On occasion I do miss you rain
  • S: Singing, I love it and I can’t remember the last time I sang into hair brush at the top of my voice
  • T: Timekeeping, I do hate lateness, although I am absolutely crappy timekeeper now I’m a mother, Double standards, Yes!!
  • U: Ugg boots, Not much call for them in desert, oh how I miss your fleecy lining
  • V: Vouchers, I don’t go anywhere without my Voucher book (I know, Tight arse)
  • W: Wardrobe, mine is full to bursting but I have absolutely NO clothes
  • X:Xanax, calms me down when I’m having my headless chicken moments
  • Y: whY can’t I look like Jessica Simpson


  • Z: Zumba classes, I love them, I have No rhythm and dance like a rocking horse but I love them