Time for a change

I’m so good at this blogging marlarky that the last time I posted was easter 🙈

Yep brilliant! So there’s been a lot of changes since then. Our plan for this summer was to bid maʿ al-salāmah to Dubai, houses were being hunted, schools were being researched. However it wasn’t the right time to leave so we will stay until the right opportunity comes our way. The children are happy, although it’s beyond expensive it’s better for us to stay.

There will be some changes to our lives though,  at the end of term I said a sad farewell to my classroom, I loved teaching FS1 but when your job takes its toll on your family something has to change. We also said a said farewell to the lovely  Safa British School  who gave us 3 very happy years. The children have an even greater new school where Mammy aka me has a teaching assistant position. As I said before I loved to teach but MY children will come before any others. I needed a job with less stress and less working outside my contracted hours.

We will also say goodbye our family home in search of a new one, it will be sad. Miss C took her first steps in it, my dad set fire to the oven one Christmas (prompting me to very excited about using my fire extinguisher, turning the whole kitchen into a toxic winter wonderland) LPV left there for his first day at big school. So many wonderful memories, however I have a new house in my sights and fingers crossed we get it.

I’ve  never really been one for change, I like things the way I like them. Maybe I’ve changed as I’m super excited about our new impending chapters.

I’m sure now I’ll have less “work” to do in the evening you’ll hear all about them.

For now I wish you good night from beautiful Co. Cork



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