Cherry Blossom time!

One of things I wanted to see the most in Japan was the beautiful cherry blossoms. They didn’t disappoint  either. Our first day we slept off the flight and then headed off to Shinjinku park. I love parks in huge cities there something so peaceful and tranquil about them in a city full of bustle and madness. Shinjinku was beautiful full of traditional Japanese gardens. Locals picnicking with wine and cheese, painters making the most of the beautiful scenery. The children loved it as it was an open space to run, find sticks and twigs and explore the woods, which sadly for 10 months of the year they don’t really get to do. The park had quaint little bridges, that were perfect for lovely family photos. Which, I never got, trying to get them all in photo and smile is damn near impossible. Until I threatened them with no pokèmon centre if they didn’t let me have at least 1 nice photo per day






After we had seen all Shinjinku had to offer we headed to the Hanazono Shrine,one of the most historical in Japan, it is said to be the home of the god of fertility and where you come to pray for success in your career. Needless to say we didn’t reach other to the fertility god!!! I enjoy bringing the children to temples and shrines, they may not appreciate their significance at the time but I feel it helps to teach about respecting others beliefs and to act appropriately when someone is praying or paying their respects. Of course with all best intentions all the wanted to do was ring the bells and thrown money in the donation box. You can only but try to introduce them to culture, all I pray for is that they grow up open-minded and with acceptance of others and with introducing them to the big wide world I hope we are doing that.


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