My life in books!

The problem with starting to blog again is that I have to write posts!! I’m not lunch box mum, who comes up with these amazing lunches and posts them on pinterest so there won’t be any of those. The honest truth is that my kids eat pretty much the same lunch every day as they’re fussy little darlings *said through gritted teeth* and I’d rather they eat full stop! I really don’t have a beauty regime to share, apart from trowel it on near your crows feet and you’ll be golden 😉

So I thought I’d write a book review but then thought, you’re all highly intelligent folks with amazon, google etc So you really don’t need me telling you what books to read. I typed in children’s books into google and some hilarious titles came up. So I’ve picked a few to share, I feel they represent key points in my life, so here goes…………..


My first little boob job! It’s no secret to all who know me that I had massive one’s, so to start my 40th year in a positive way I took the plunge and had them reduced. Its changed my life totally, I’m more confident, I’m not in pain, I no longer find popcorn in my bra and I can totally see my feet!! I do have a large amount of old bra’s left if anyone need a spare tent for camping!


I have one of THE most amazing hairdressers in Dubai, however when Kim does it it’s the only time it ever looks decent. I really don’t bother much when I go to work and by the end of the day there’s a strange cowlick thing happening. In the mornings I resemble Pat Sharp and Albert Einstein so Me and my hair really don’t really fit into the glam Dubai scene!


As I said I have reached my 40th year on this planet, we more than celebrated in style with a Great Gatsby themed party. It was an amazing night, we hired bartenders so both me and the hubster could enjoy ourselves. They made amazing cocktails, too many we danced on tables, we dressed up in our finest and ate cake!! Was one of the best nights I’ve ever had!


Well actually one really, Yes, I am expatmammy and I am gluten-free! I know I want to smack people in the face too when they say things like that. However it’s actually really stabilised my blood sugars, it also has made my wallet lighter, given the fact if you write gluten-free on anything they hike up the price! So now I own pretentious kitchen equipment like a spirilser!


This book sums me up in a nutshell, especially now I’m gluten-free, I get hangry beyond belief, to the point of possibly eating or even selling one of the kids for food! You can relate to that poor caterpillar no wonder he ate himself into oblivion.


It’s no secret I like a good brunch and wee glass of bubbles, a G&T a…………………………are you getting the picture? No I’m not that bad really, I just get led astray very easily, LOL!!!! As the saying goes behind every awesome mammy there is a large glass of wine!!

images-2Why is it that when your watching completely child inappropriate viewing such as Orange is the new black, your children appear as if my magic? They want water or the duvet has fallen off, any other the “little darlings” would sleep through the duvet being on the floor You scramble for the remote, worry what in the hell they’re  going to repeat in school the next day! I just stick to the Gilmore Girls now, can’t go wrong with that!!


So that’s it, if you had to choose book title what would you choose? Google and have a look!




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