Quality time

If I’m honest, I really struggle being a working Mammy. I’ve been back at work almost a year and I can’t seem to find my balance. I feel like most of the time I’m chasing my tail and charging around like a complete lunatic. Expat Daddy works long hard hours with conference call at ridiculous O’clock too. So weekends tend to be chilled out in this house. With the weather cooling in Dubai there’s less pressure to be “busy” every weekend. We are able to use the garden and the pool and it’s  a lot less expensive.

This weekend, Friday was a bit of a write off, we crashed at home and I think most of us stayed in our Pj’s until we went for a swim in the late afternoon sun. We built Lego, played games and Daddy and I took turns to snooze on the couch, while the kids watched Pokémon and Barbie life in the dream house! Bad parents? Maybe we are Maybe we’re not, but we needed it.

Saturday was a different story, Miss C had a birthday party at Splash n Party so we took LPV along too and that had a great morning, doing what they love the most and that’s playing in the water, oh and eating cake!

A previous conversation that morning had gone a little like this……………..EPD: Do you want to go to the golf? Me: Umm………NO, EPD: Ok I’ll take LPV!

So off they both went to the DP World tour LPV had great fun with his Daddy and got to work on his swing


While the boys were golfing Miss C and I went for a pamper, a while ago I had promised her I would get her nails painted. Although I draw the line at this one time and there will certainly be NO make up from Santa!! So your first mani/pedi should be done in style so we skipped on down to The Hello Kitty Spa in Town Centre Jumeirah. Now anyone who knows me, knows I hate this bloody cat as much as I hate Peppa Pig, however you’ve got to take one for the team as a Mammy. She was so excited and her little face lit up like a christmas tree when we arrived. She put on her special robe I had a matching one too and chose her colours.










The ladies in the Spa made such a fuss over her, she had her feet soaked and a “lovely masfarge” her words, not mine! Sat there like princess and ordered herself a chocolate Hello Kitty cupcake, although she did ask me if I wanted a coffee too. It’s hard to believe that my baby has grown up so much. She a proper wee lady now, with a total grown up attitude sometimes. The whole afternoon was just perfect and I will cherish it, as most of the time I feel stressed when I’m Sunday to Thursday Mammy. However, they both got to spend some time with the parents that we both strive to be all the time. Hope they both remember we’re not that bad really.



One thought on “Quality time

  1. Mum obrien says:

    Your not a bad parent your just doing what millions of mums do every day . In this day and age we all have to work so stop being so hard on yourself your kids love you both for what you are hard working loving parents xx

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