Legoland Dubai

I like having visitors as it always prompts us to get off our arses and actually do something with our weekend. With us both working its difficult to muster energy at the weekends, however do it for the kids.

So….Legoland Dubai, I initially heard it was touch and go that it would open on time and knew a few people who had been to the soft opening. We decided to go for it and brave the “crowds” as we had family over too. I booked our tickets online which was pretty straight forward, however there was no mention of paying for parking in advance. We only found this out at the gates when we we’re given the choice of VIP or premium parking. To be frank the car park was dead so the premium wasn’t that far to walk at all.

You walk into the Dubai parks complex which branches off in all directions to various unfinished parks, which prompting the old Dubai saying “it’ll be lovely when it’s finished” We headed for Legoland through various jugglers and entertainers which was a really nice touch. The official photographer took our photo but was also very gracious in taking one on our mobiles, probably knowing full we wouldn’t then purchase theirs.

At the gate you have your tickets scanned, right next door to the big black money hole aka the “Big Lego Store” you take a quick glance at the store and promise the kids on the way out they’ll go in, knowing full well a whole months wages would slowly disappear in seconds. LPV picked up his map and we headed straight to mini land.

For me I would have liked them to have measured the children on arrival and given them height colour coordinated bands. This would have made the park experience a lot more of a smooth run but I’ll get to that later.

Mini land was phenomenal, pretty much the whole of Dubai made entirely out of Lego bricks, even down to the metro. There were also different places from around the world, our India obsessed son was delighted at the Taj Mahal and for once quite willingly posed for photographs


After Mini land we headed to Lego City which for me was the best most appropriate age for both LPV & Miss C. Our first ride was the Lego airport, the children had to be measured to determine whether they could go on with or without adults. I’m all for safety but the measuring got to become an obsession for some staff throughout the day, hence my point of having a coloured coded height system instead. One band for this height and these rides  and another coloured band for others etc. Especially when footfall in the park pick up and people flock there, there won’t be time to keep measuring EVERY individual. As we were extremely lucky and walked on to most rides as the park was half empty, so there was time to measure and re measure and re measure. The driving school was a massive hit with all the kids, especially as they have a junior one for children below a certain height. It was great, very simple cars to drive with just one pedal. Miss C had a wild time and she and LPV earned their legoland driving licenses which stung me for 100dhs each

We stopped for lunch in the Lego city restaurant and I was surprised not to find no french fries in sight. It was a refreshing change to be honest and the pasta and chicken went down well both with the kids and out wallets at 35dhs/child including fruit cup and drink. The adult meals were slightly more pricey but delicious and quite good portions. From here we went to kingdoms which apart from a small roller coaster for children 105cm & over and the huge roller coaster for adults too, I found this part disappointing. there was nothing for the smaller children to do at all and trying to tell them they were not able to go on anything prompted lots of tears that only ice cream could pacify.

The 4D Lego movie was fab, we were squirted with water and foam and the children laughed and screamed all the way through. From here the general consensus was to return to Lego city. we repeated all the rides and watched the Lego Ninjago puppet show. It was fab and totally kept the children engrossed all the way through. The sun was beginning to set so we called it a day. We had a fabulous time.

Some thing I thought were a nice touch was all the staff have Lego characters on their badges and if your child brings one from home the staff will swap the various Lego men with your children all day. The children we’re always on the look out for someone more cooler. 95% of the staff were friendly, I found the staff in Kingdom section a bit rude on the train ride but it didn’t spoil it. When we had a bumped head with a bit of a large egg on it, the medics and security staff we’re very good and genuinely concerned. A little Lego shop in EVERY section of the park I found was over kill a bit as you then have to go pass the mahoosive one on your way out too. Now santa has new items added to his list, which hopefully will be forgotten about.

All in all we had a great time and I would seriously consider investing in an annual pass

Team V give Legoland Dubai a very good ten out of ten!!

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