I can’t stay away

I know I know! I like a flipping yoyo back and forth to this blog. The truth of the matter is that when I don’t write on it I go insane, you see it’s the one thing in my life that I have complete and utter 100% control of and sometimes I need it when I feel like I’m being someone’s emotional punch bag, or not feeling equal in friendships, relationships etc. So although it maybe sporadic I’m going to keep it up.

The life of an expat is a tricky one sometimes, especially if you don’t have a goal as to when you will repatriate (is that a word?) back to you home country. You never feel quite complete, you own a property but someone else has decorated it and made changes. Half of your “stuff” is dotted around various other countries and to be frank it’s never in the right one when you need it. I can comment on what its like to be an expat anywhere else than Dubai or Holland but here in Dubai you spend a massive chunk of your life living back with your parents over the summer. This summer was difficult (another post) but it has been exceptionally difficult to get back into a routine since I returned to Dubai. I miss home a lot, have lost my exercising mojo and even though Miss C has started to go to nursery 3 morning per week. I still find I have no time to get anything done. I imagine us moving on a lot lately to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue where we would go. although I’m contradicting myself saying I miss home, I’m not actually ready to return to that kind of normal yet.

The thing is we’ve actually tried to leave before and the Dubai magnet pulled us right back, the children are settled here and some lovely friends. Miss C has been accepted to start FS1 next year at LPV’s school, so I feel to leave now would be selfish. The grass is never greener on the other side and we found that out the hard way moving to Holland. Maybe what we need is to just get out of the city at little UAE stay cation to recharge. There really wasn’t that much point to this post, just getting the thoughts out into the void.

So anyway we’ll be back soon

Love ya


One thought on “I can’t stay away

  1. muminamerc says:

    For what it is worth…. I have been out of UK now for over 19 years and I still miss it. I am always more unsettled here after a trip back….. and you are right – the grass is always greener etc etc but would I really want to live there full time again? Hmm. No – not with the kids etc. It is very different going back and staying for 2 weeks, 2 months even but to change everything? I am not sure. Do I think we will stay full time in America when the kids are older? Also no. Interestingly enough our oldest (all my kids born in US btw) is applying for Uni both here and UK…. so perhaps more interesting times ahead (PS Glad to see you blogging again Mrs).

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