New Projects

“We should just go into business together”………That’s what my friend Alex and I always said to each other everything single time we met up. You know what? WE DID IT!! It’s taking blood sweat and tears to get it off the ground but we’re doing it, hence the lack of communication on here.

Together we’re running La Millou ME  we are importing beautiful handmade funky baby & child accessories and bring them to the gorgeous mummies of the middle east. The company is a well established Polish one started by gorgeous Mummy’s themselves.

I think it helps that we’re both so in love with the stuff we sell, so passionate about so much so i’m considering another baby to buy some stuff. Anyway I guess is by way of an informal shut down of this blog for the time being. I simply don’t have the time to do both. Lets face it I was never the most prompt blogger in the world LOL. I will still be blogging on our website but it will be less about my family. I will honestly try to keep blogging here and there will never be an official shut down of this page. It means too much to me. Thanks you for the support and follows hope you come over to La Millou Me to read the blog there.

We would also appreciate your support so here are a few links



LM_MON0489 LM_MON1103 Middle East (2)




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