You know its summer when

With temperature hitting 50.5’C in the UAE last week, I thinks it’s safe to say the summer is well and truly here. However if that wasn’t enough his a wee list to convince you…..

Photo source Google

Photo source Google

The conversation when you meet someone has gone from…..Are you staying for Christmas? to When do you leave for summer?

People are frantically trying to figure out where they will be able to get there morning cup of coffee during Ramadan

The amount of pop up windscreen shade injuries have probably quadrupled, or is it just me it hits in the face?

Your DEWA bill has doubled as you take on average 3-4 showers a day, you look forward to taking a shower outside 


You spend more time in malls and soft plays than you do in your own home

The thought of being able to wear your long sleeves and possibly socks is too much to comprehend

Even with socks one has to maintain one's Dubai standards

Even with socks one has to maintain one’s Dubai standards

You secretly started packing at the beginning of May

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

The concept of traveling light no longer exists

Are you checking any bags today madam?

Are you checking any bags today madam?


9 thoughts on “You know its summer when

  1. chickenruby says:

    escaping to Canada for Ramadan, in the meantime i’m filling bottles and tubs with water to pour over the dog in the evenings once the water cools down

  2. Mama says:

    That pic appears in relation to Bangkok a lot too. We’re well into the rainy season now so today we had the joy of ankle deep floods, no electricity for five hours and humidity. I dream of socks and trousers.

  3. natasham says:

    haha love that picture of the UAE being closer to the sun!! It’s warming up here in the UK which has been so nice…I honestly don’t know how those in Dubai do it (more so because I hate the heat!) Hope you guys are getting away this summer x

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