A public health announcement

A condition known as Halftermitis has been sweeping Dubai and parts of the UK I can confirm! This condition that only surfaces during the half term holiday’s can effect both parents and school age children and may even effect younger siblings.

Signs & symptoms for children may be

  • Whinging
  • Pouting/sulking face




  • Feet stamping
  • Excessive use of the words Mammy/mummy, NO and phrases such as “It’s not fair” and “I’m bored”, “Can I have”
  • An inability to stay at an activity that took 30mins to set up for more than 5 mins
  • Sore arse from sitting in time out

In some excessive cases

  • Painting your brother
  • Said brother rubbing paint into couch
  • Visiting friends and stealing food from said friends neighbours
  • Ending up in bed with NO dinner

Signs & symptoms for parents

  • Constant angry face
  • Sarcastic tone
  • Feet stamping
  • Excessive use of the words …………… insert child’s name, NO, STOP and phrases such as “Because I said so”, “I will say it one more time” “Right into time out”
  • Carpal tunnel from pointing to timeout

In some excessive cases

  • Crying
  • Increased wine/gin consumption at 10am



  • Treat cupboard raiding
  • Rocking in corner
  • Hiding in downstairs toilet

Unfortunately the only known treatment for this condition is to leave the house at 8am returning only at bedtime, packing in a day of activities…………………..and SCHOOL


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