Food glorious food

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a foodie, not in the sense that I’m a connoisseur or anything but in the sense that I like , I eat a lot of it and without food I’d be a very unhappy lady!! Having Ireland in my blood and being married to a Cork man who loves his spuds, potatoes play a big role in our meal making, well to be honest carbs in general to be honest.  The kids love pasta, chips CHIPS! CHIPS! of course I don’t feed my children chips…..*coughs and twitches in seat* bread and I love it too. So you can imagine how distraught I was being told that I had to go on a card free diet and to add insult to injury I had to cut out sugar too!

I have sugar intolerance and insulin resistance which apparently I have had all my life but hasn’t seem to come to light until the gestational diabetes. Now I finally have an excuse for being fat!!  Obviously I’m gutted as I live for chocolate but I’m glad I’ve found out and I can change it, change the outcome so I hopefully won’t get full-blown diabetes one day. Its done me a favour, its given me the opportunity to kick myself up the arse and take a good look at my diet and the kids too. I was convinced I was eating healthy and although I don’t use jars and packet food and make everything from scratch, it was the snacks and meals being washed down with diet coke that we’re the problem. For the kids I’ve limited the chocolate treats and I’m encouraging fruit a lot more, I send carrots in LPV’s snack box to school and the carrots come home again but I’m trying.

I’ve flipped it around and made some huge changes, its hard and I’m still struggling, I do cheat too as even though I’m awesome I am only human. I’ve substituted my evening chocolate with this heavenly stuff, complete cut out all fizzy (unless I’m drunk), this was by far the hardest to do, I have No idea what they put it but the cold turkey was awful. Only being allowed one piece a fruit a day too is difficult, it’s not until you have to cut something out that you realise how much of that item you do actually eat.

Im trying to “clean eat” where possible too, however this proving problematic when it comes to finding items you need and the price of them in Dubai 10 pound for a small bag of almond flour is ridiculous and to be honest organic shops scare me. The biggest problem is me being a big farking disaster in the kitchen, Oh I can cook but I can’t bake and when clean eating if you want anything remotely treat like you have to make it yourself.

Take last night for instance..Here I am with my paleo cookie recipe, I have my coconut oil which the price of could buy you a small plot of land somewhere in the world, my coconut/almond flour, my cacao chunks and powder all ready for the Great middle eastern pale bake-off . I mixed them I baked them and The only way I can describe them is they looked smelt and tasted like the inside of a rabbit hutch!!

For photo source click image

For photo source click image


One but only try  I will give them a whirl again, maybe they’ll be edible next time, I don’t think even the ants that have taken up residence in our house (bastards) would have even eaten them.

Tea and cookies at my place anyone?………No?………why ever not?



One thought on “Food glorious food

  1. theblackberryboys says:

    I am sorry you have to cut out carbs 😦 I almost had a gestational diabetes, and started doing the diet, and it was hell, counting the carbs, cutting them out. They must have some bakery there for people with diabetes. Maybe you can buy treats there.

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