Back again

Hi Guys,

We’ve been away for sometime, I’m struggling to give the blog the time it needs at the moment. Its funny isn’t? Before it was all about getting posts out but now I just coming here to write, getting all my thought out. I’m sure the owners of the products that need reviewing are having kittens…..don’t worry all reviews will be done in the 7 days.

We’ve been home to Ireland for a family wedding, it was so nice to get away, we were so lucky with the Irish weather, Ireland is such a beautiful country but when the sun shines on it, it really takes your breath away. I of course have to do some serious damage control on the old waist line now but I’m back in the gym tomorrow. I just have to try to get everyone up and out the door for school tomorrow, both kids have gone down without a fight tonight, they slept until 09:45 this morning….it felt like christmas morning when I woke up. Unfortunately expat daddy didn’t even bother going to bed last night when we got in at midnight, as he had to be back up to the airport at 5am to fly to America. It was a matter of unpack one set of clothes and pack another. So sad, the children are missing him already and it’s his birthday tomorrow too 😦 we had such a lovely time altogether as a family.

What else happened…….Oh Miss C is now mobile and terrorising anyone and anything in her path, she’s tottering around like Bambi on ice, looking VERY proud of herself, she met her first horse and drove her first tractor….well not quite but she sat in it. The same tractor her daddy learnt to drive in will refrain from making sarcastic driving joke hereΒ . As did LPV, he came into his own, he’s mad about the horse and dogs and gave aunty M strict interactions there are to be chickens on his return to West Cork in the summer.

The wedding was awesome, I fitted into my dress so I was happy-ish, it made me realise that there is still such a long way to go, I think I put too much pressure on me fitting to said dress, everything isn’t going to be ok now, the body worries are still there but they won’t be for long. Like I said awesome wedding, bride was divine……the party, as always was epic but at 4am we had to give in and go to bed, we sang for our supper *everyone has to* and went to rest our weary bones. I’m way too old to party all night now.




7 thoughts on “Back again

  1. muminamerc says:

    God you sound so sane for having just had a long flight with the wee ones!! Glad you had a good time at the wedding. If I see your Hubby in town here I’ll say a Happy Birthday πŸ™‚
    (Did you give him a shopping list or are you all stocked up after your trip back?)

  2. journey2dfuture says:

    Sounds like it was a great occasion. Lovely to hear the little one is walking. Now she’ll sure have you on your toes.
    Nice to see you back x

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