Emirates Park Zoo

During the first week of our Easter holiday I took the wee bubba’s to Emirates Park Zoo now as most places like this that are in the UAE I didn’t really have very high expectations. It’s an awful thing to say but its true, however I was pleasantly surprised by this place. First and foremost you COULD actually find your way from the map on the website. Considering it was in Abu Dhabi and all the way I was sweating like a dieter in in a chocolate factory, I’m happy driving here in Dubai but I had never driven as far as Abu Dhabi on my own. We did it though, so that’s ticked of the list!

With admission only being 25dhs for me and 10dhs for LPV it was cheap enough to get in, when you walk through the turnstiles out to the Zoo park there are guys selling large bunches of leaves and grass so the children can feed the animals. This is lovely, it made the whole experience for them very interactive and not just staring at  poor miserable animal in a cage.

There is a bird aviary with bird from all over the world and LPV got to a Kookaburra “singing” this prompted Mammy to burst into song about a Kookaburra which LPV did not appreciate and I was told not to sing. We walked around and came to the camels…they we’re a..erm friendly bunch. One practically my hair gave me the fright of my life and LPV got to feed them some carrots



Miss C loved watching the fish in the air-conditioned mini very basic but good aquarium



The good thing about this place as that 80% of it is covered or inside, so this is perfect with the weather heating up fast. Dotted all around amongst the animals are cafe’s selling snacks and most importantly water!! So you can sit chill watch the animals and rehydrate too.  We made a little pit stop in the giraffe cafe to have a wee drink and watch the Zebra’s and giraffe’s funnily enough. There are places to get food around the park, they really don’t like you to bring your own. We just went to the subway which is conveniently right next door, that worked well for us, we then hit the road.

It really was a great day out, the drive isn’t too bad as its more Dubai side of Abu Dhabi, it’s was a very peaceful drive home as both angels fell fast asleep before we got on to the Abu Dhabi road, I would highly recommend it even now in the temperature we have.

I would love to post more photo’s but wordpress is being very awkward, this is not a sponsored post, these are my own words from a family day out that I wanted to share







2 thoughts on “Emirates Park Zoo

  1. charlottegilbert2012 says:

    Im so glad you shared your experience at Emirates park as i was planning on going here too! I was going to go during the Easter holidays too, and maybe stay at the hotel there, but my little boy broke his leg so was unable to go. We are saving it for when he has his cast off. I didnt realise it was so cheap to just go and visit for the day!

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