Competition time!!!!!!

You've got to in it to win it!!

You’ve got to be in it to win it!!



I don’t run many competitions but when I do they’re real humdingers!!!!

How many of you have rooms full of baby/children’s items that you just don’t know where to sell on or donate them? Maybe you want to sell them but booking a table at baby Bazaar just seems to daunting? Well Im going to save you the hassle……………………..I”M GIVING AWAY A LARGE BABY BAZAAR TABLE!! Sssssshhhhh don’t tell my boss.

The lucky winner winner will receive a large table worth 295dhs (2nd hand sellers only) to sell at next weekend Baby Bazaar Two day extravaganza! The table is valid for the Friday 25th April from 9am until 2pm at Times Square Mall Dubai, not only is it a double market this weekend but the Bazaar is running alongside the Dubai Nursery Show! So double the amount of people!!

The winner will be picked at random by the lovely Natalie  so it is done as fair as possible, you have until midnight Monday 21st April to enter or you’ll mess up my table plan 😉

All you have to do is visit Expatbabyadventures on Facebook like our page and then send your details (Name, number & email) to

Easy peasey!!!!!!!


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