The Gruffalo’s child live performance

We’re very posh at the moment going to the theatre lots! Last Saturday I took LPV to see the Gruffalo’s child at the Madinat Jumeirah theatre. It was brilliant, the props and stage were very simple but gave the right amount of ambience. The 3 actors were fantastic and kept LPV engaged the whole way through, I did worry about him being scared as the Gruffalo is fine when he’s in the pages of a book but when he’s in-front of you its a different story!

The songs we’re magical and so catchy, the show had lots of audience participation and kept to the original story perfectly. The snake was my personal favourite although he wasn’t spanish in the book, their portrayal of him was superb. The cockney “del boy” fox was also very comical and really got the kids fired up and excited to join in.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any sneaky photo’s this time as my flash accidentally went off, triggering the photo “police” to stand at the bottom of the stairs the whole performance. We we’re very lucky to have met the actresses who played the mouse and Gruffalo’s child in Starbuck’s after the show. They we’re very graceful and accommodating to our wee munchkins who wanted to say hello.

The local book shop were selling all Julia Donaldson stories so we’ve brought ourselves Jack & the Flum Flum tree! He loves it

Such a great day!

Photo source Timeout kids Dubai

Photo source Timeout kids Dubai

A lolly treat after the show

A lolly treat after the show

Camel fun!!

Camel fun!!



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