Our first costume

A few weeks back I was stressing out about making LPV a recycling costume for nursery. Well after trolling pinterest, google and anything else I could find, we finally made one. Now as I said LPV isn’t one for dressing up, so I needed to make as simple as possible. I wanted to keep it as close ro recycled theme as possible. So here’s what we made………………………………..

Recycling Sir Topham hat

Recycling Sir Topham hat

His “Jacket” is made from a paper carrier bag, we made his tie and cuff from a weetabix box and his top hat is made from old boxes left over from moving! I had to put a Thomas spin on it so he’s agree to wear it. You would not believe how much bribery went into this photo!! It’s not a great costume, I know that. However at the risk of sounding like a non interested parent, I didn’t want to spend week on something that he wouldn’t even put on. However next year at big school we’ll pull out all the stops as apparently he enjoyed being dressed up with his friends!! Typical!!

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