Dinner time!

I have a stack of cook books decorating in my kitchen, however I never know what to cook for dinner for us all. We usually have the same old thing, shepherds pie, spaghetti which are favourites and go down well but sometimes it nice to spice things up a little and experiment. There’s a company right here in Dubai to help you do just that, they’re called DinnerTime

Here is what dinnertime say about their product

All meat is freshly delivered from Choithrams, only low-fat quality New Zealand or Australian meat is selected.

Fish is delivered fresh to Choithrams, caught the previous night. To the greatest extent feasible, environmental sustainable species are selected. Salmontini is our supplier of salmon products.

Our meat, fish and chicken is always fresh, never defrosted.

Fresh vegetables are as far as possible grown locally at Greenheart Organic Farm. Due to the climate, vegetables are also provided from abroad to ensure variety throughout the seasons.

High quality authentic Italian pasta is selected from Made in Italia.

Dairy products are all fresh and natural, no long life or low-fat options are used, avoiding any additives or modified substances that are unfamiliar to our body. Instead we use less or dilute the natural dairy product with water or milk to reduce the fat content. For a thicker consistency, some form of natural starch is used in the recipes.

We focus on fresh foods, but the odd spices are provided in the box as well as other products that flavor your food, such as stock cubes, capers, mango chutney, sundried tomatoes and tomato puree to name a few. Also most carbohydrates are supplied such as pasta, couscous or bulgur, or fresh produce such as potatoes. Our focus when choosing products is quality, so only well-known brands are used, keeping clear of coloring agents and other additives here as well.

I absolutely love cooking but find if Im making something specific that I need to shop for I will go to the supermarket and not just buy what I need, I end up spending over 100-200dhs more than I need to on rubbish we don’t need. This is why I love the dinnertime concept, not only do they give you the finest ingredients, it encourages you to eat healthy try new food and I feel it can save you money. Food in Dubai can be very expensive so a concept like this is fab if you have a weekly food budget your finding hard to stick too.

We trialled dinnertime over two weeks and had some delicious food and recipes to try. All the recipes were simple and didn’t take a lot of preparation, I found this a relief as I always have to start dinner during “witching hour” or should I say hours? You know the one where the kids are going mental and having breakdown when you’re trying to cook?

A particular favourite of our was the Lamb Quenelles all cooked in one pot and served with arabic bread, I chopped, dumped it in the pan and went to keep the peace. It was delicious and even the resident fussy eater gobbled up every bite! IMG_5236

As I said, it’s encouraged us to eat things I would never think of buying: Aubergines, my motto is I don’t eat purple food, I don’t know why I just don’t but They’re actually quite tasty, the children enjoyed them too which I was very surprised about.  Kale, a very popular superfood right now, we sautéed it and had it with rosti and chicken (I added the chicken myself).  Lastly tofu, I love this in my Pad Thai noodles but have never thought to buy it and make a meal from it.

For me personally it took away the stress of deciding what to cook each night, I knew I had exactly what I needed to execute a healthy family meal which everyone was going to enjoy. The pricing is quite reasonable too, dinner time offer a range of packages to suit your needs whether you are a family or a busy working couple.

A standard package costs 420dhs for 4 meals for a family of 4, this is for a one-off delivery however if you subscribe to Dinnertime this weekly charge is discounted to 380dhs

A standard package of 4 meals for 2 people is priced at 300dhs, again a discount is given for subscription at 280dhs

Dinnertime also cater for their gluten free costumers, these are slightly more expensive but I guess that reflects the market for gluten-free produce.

I think perhaps  in the future they could cater for the single person living alone as I can be hard to cook for one, as when EPD is away I live on a diet of cereal & soup!

All the recipes come ready printed for you so you can keep them for future use, you also get a list of “store cupboard” ingredients that you need to make the dishes but these are usually just simple things such as seasoning, spices & rice. The only thing I had to go and buy was polenta, I can say I won’t be buying it again but you have to try these things.

I will definitely be using dinner time again, especially when we have family visiting as you can easily get meals for 4 adults and two wee people from the standard package!!

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Happy cooking!!!

Our menu last week!

Our menu last week!

sautéed kale

sautéed kale

My rather messy rosti's

My rather messy rosti’s


5 thoughts on “Dinner time!

  1. aBs says:

    Definitely trying this out – I’m always at a loss as to what to cook – I love cooking, but am just not creative or organized enough to come up with new recipes!

  2. L Hunt says:

    It looks delicious and what a great idea! Any chance you can share the recipe for the Lamb Quenelles? Great idea for those in Dubai for staying healthy. I often found the problem of great recipes but then trouble finding the ingredients. At least with Dinner Time you know you’ll be able to find any extra ingredients. Happy Cooking!!!

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