Groupon smoopon!!

I’m usually a big fan of groupon, we bought our apple TV from there oh and a fancy digital measuring jug. I was emailed a link to what looked like the most beautiful place ever, a hotel in Ras al Kahaimah, Palm trees, outside bar, beautiful pool, I could feel myself just relaxing looking at the photo. We booked the deal, it was 500dhs (roughly 100 quid) for room, breakfast buffet, evening buffet and two free shisha pipes (we didn’t use these). Part of the deal for families was that you all staying the same room and any additional bed would come at a cost. That was ok, LPV could sleep with us and Miss C has the pop up travel cot.

We had been in two minds whether to go as Miss C has been very poorly with high temps and a rash, the temps had suddenly stopped, our paediatrician diagnosed her with having roseola. She was grumpy and off her food but the Doc couldn’t see any reason for us not to go. We packed up and hit the road, pretty much as soon as we left Dubai the rain started pouring down!!!!!!! In MARCH, in THE DESERT!! It’s no wonder really, expat daddy’s family are renowned for taking the rain on holiday with them 😉

The kids fell asleep, as did I, we woke just as wee were pulling into the hotel car park, I opened my eyes expecting a  beautiful arabian retreat……………………..A farking industrial estate is what I got! I have to admit I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to hotels. Living here and staying in some beautiful hotels here and around the world, you come to expect a certain standard of things. There was no bellhop/porter to help us with our bags so we struggled with four bags 2 kids and a stroller!

We checked in and went to our room, friends had booked the same hotel too so they were having lunch when we arrived. Everyone was a wee bit disappointed with the weather as we all hoped for some fun in the pool and a few beers for the parents! The play ground for the kids was ok it had some decent climbing equipment and some swings. We made the best of a bad situation and took the kids to the playground. They had fun but its was still spotting warm blobs of rain and LPV was walking like he’d pooped himself cos his shorts got wet going down the slide. As we were already wet we decided to go for a dip in the pool any way.

The sun decided to make an appearance and everyone had fun, LPV & Miss C got to practice their swimming so they were happy. We got ready for the dinner buffet which was Arabic themed happy mammy, the food was of good standard too. I had one of the strongest Mai tai’s EVER so after this I didn’t care if we were in the middle of an industrial estate, with every sip I was getting closer to the Seychelles! The entertainment was a belly dancer, LPV’s face was an absolute picture. He had absolutely NO idea what to make of this women and why she danced exactly like mammy when she’s drunk.

It was getting late and the kids had reached their limit, tiredness bordering on complete hyperactivity so we called it a night. Miss C strongly objected to sleeping in the pop up cot and took ages to settle, LPV wouldn’t keep quite while we trying to settle her and kept shooshing her, which in turn made her worse as she thought we were all having a party in the bed without her. Finally both kids were asleep, EPD and I just konked out and our plans to watch a movie and have a beer from the mini bar went to pot!!

It was quite possibly one of the worse nights sleep we’ve all had, in the morning we woke , we had our included breakfast so tired and p**sed off we packed up and drove home.

I have to say I’ve stayed in worse places to be fair, it was clean and comfortable but next time I will definitely do a bit of research and ask friends if they know the place. For example today when I told my friend Helen where we had stayed at the weekend, she spat out her coffee laughing!!!

Lesson learn’t!!!



Its fun to jump on the white stones

Its fun to jump on the white stones


One thought on “Groupon smoopon!!

  1. mumof4 says:

    I know you won’t believe it now but in a few months even, you’ll look back on this ‘adventure’ and laugh a lot. Especially all being in the same room, the baby not settling and the boy trying to shush her and it all kicking off. Nothing as exotic but similar nightmare happened with us in Scotland….. it’s what makes the best memories later on. Life wouldn’t be fun if it all went well all of the time would it? xx

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