Its all about the bag

When I was expecting LPV it was all the changing/diaper bag, to be honest I never found one that worked for me, now I have to drag around two kitchen sinks in my bag. I hadn’t found the right bag until now!! JustKidding is Dubai’s leading baby good store and they have kindly let us review this fabulous diaper bag!

This is the Chic-O-Bello bowling diaper bag, the first thing that I was drawn was the fabulous colour, the bag comes in 3 colours, Bristol *obviously*, Chester and Derby! It was like I was meant to own a bag like this as Bristol is my home town and EPD lived in Derby when I met him!! Its bright, cheerful and beautiful!


I was like a kid on Christmas morning ripping off the wrapping to see what was inside…I wasn’t disappointed. Inside the bag has a changing mat which is big enough to se as an outdoor playmat to, a Sparkly wet wipe holder, a wet bag, insulated bottle bag. The bag also comes with detachable inserts to organise the inside of your bag, I find this particularly helpful as Miss C’s water cup always falls over in my other bag and soaks everything. There is a netted section and an additional plastic section too.

PicMonkey Collage

The large pocket at the front of the bag, can be used as cooler to keep your baby food cool in the summer or Dubai sun, I have to admit for the last week its had a small supermarket inside it. Its been super handy for park playtime as I can keep a picnic tea for the children inside, saving the stress of carrying additional bags.  The fastening on the side on the bag are great for attaching to the pushchair  without tipping it over


Two pockets either side for your iPhone, keys and a good supply of spare dummies, it can be used as a shoulder bag or you can use the large strap provided

I have to say perhaps the only negative would be its size, it’s quite big, however this shouldn’t be a hinderance if you’re a mammy of more than one child or bottle feeding and have to carry lots in your bag. For us I carry two spare sets of clothes, spare nappies, spare pull ups, toys, medical supplies, I’m taking calpol etc not a defibrillator or ambulance!!

two water cups, snacks, hats , sun cream!

With the detachable insert I think it would make an awesome weekend bag for you or baby too

I can let you know on that as I will be taking it away on our stay cation next weekend!

All for a very reasonably priced

AED 435.00

You can order the bag online from just kidding or go to one of the varied Just kidding store locations in the middle east



Al Safa Store, Sheikh Zayed Road

Near Safa Park, Dubai

Tel: (+971) 4 346 6050

Opening Hours:

Saturday – Wednesday 10 am to 9pm

Thursday and Friday 10am to 10pm


Gold & Diamond Park

Building 7

Near First Gulf Bank Metro Station, Dubai

Tel: (+971) 4 341 3922

Opening Hours:

Saturday – Wednesday 10 am to 9pm

Thursday and Friday 10am to 10pm



Localizer Mall, Tahlia Road

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: (+966) 112 170 956

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday 10 am to 10pm

Friday 4:30 pm to 11 pm

Saturday 10 am to 11 pm

Happy shopping


4 thoughts on “Its all about the bag

  1. Lita says:

    I love the bag, really want one, wonder if it’s got underneath the bag storage like the previous season.

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