The costume competition!!

When did being a mammy become so competitive? LPV has a recycling fancy dress day coming up at nursery and I’m dreading the standard of costume that will be there yes thats nursery, not performing arts college. I NOT creative by any means, nor am I a baking, crafter, artist, I am the Mammy thats spend hours making Irish themed cupcakes, only to drop them all outside of the nursery gate!!

Baby names, costumes, schools, clothing, when did it all become so secretive and competitive? I just don’t think we support each other as Mammies anymore, this whole having better or keeping up with the Jones’ is taking over. Im still very new to this parenting a pre school/school age child, the shoe has always been on the other foot. To be honest I love seeing how happy he is at school at the moment but thats it, I’m not enjoying it at present, I feel judged, under pressure and completely alone! Schools here in Dubai seem to do awful lot of dress up days, colour days, international day, national days! LPV has only been at Nursery for about 5 months and already we’ve had, Rainbow day, pink day, green and brown day, international day and national day, thank goodness the costumes for the Winter concert we’re provided or I think I would of had a breakdown. When he starts “big” school it appears we’ll have all these plus, recycle days, character days, school plays……..My anxiety levels are through the roof just thinking about it.

I hate fancy dress although I’ve always wanted to dress up as a banana and to be honest I think LPV has inherited this from me, however his hatred for it is too the extent he even has a complete  tantrum over wearing his captain America or Superman T-shirt. He’s not one for wearing hats or gimmicky stuff so to get him to wear a costume is going to be a competition in it’s self! I am at a complete loss as to what to make for him, I know I will put all these man hours into it, he’ll have a paddy outside the car and won’t wear it at all. However with the competitive parenting getting to me I don’t want to be the mother that sends her child into school without a costume or with a s**t costume. Mammies are holding their cards very close to their chests, I don’t want to steal anyones ideas…..but why can’t we throw around ideas together??? Am I being unreasonable or just naive??

At present Im trolling the internet for ideas that will work and that I think LPV may wear. I have a plan for the future…..Im not going to be caught short, when I go home In May and in the summer I will be buying every costume known to man for future situations like this. Watch this space for my….erm….creation but if all else fails he’ll be going to school wearing this!

For image source please click photo

For image source please click photo


7 thoughts on “The costume competition!!

  1. journey2dfuture says:

    I’m dreading times like these, Love the necklace that in itself is creative. Get browsing Pinterest. That place has the answers to everything.

  2. theblackberryboys says:

    What did he wear? I understand you. I hate this competitive Mommy business too. I am getting totally freaked out, because BB#1 will start big school first grade in September and I already hear the other Mommies bragging that my kid can already read, write, count etc… We don’t do any of that. Isn’t that why they go to school for to learn those things? I let him run around, play lego and just be a kid.

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