One of THE most frustrating things about living in Dubai is the cinema!! When you go to the cinema not only do you have to deal with douchebags talking on their phones through the whole movie but some people actually think it’s acceptable to bring their baby and maid to care for said baby . In what universe is it EVER ok to do this? Not only does is completely disrupt someones night out when your baby is screaming but the noise and lights must be terrifying for the infant . However the big thing is the editing of movies…NO sex, drugs or Rock n Roll allowed, Ok so I made up the Rock n Roll part but definitely NO sex or drugs!!! The editing is  not even done well so the movie never makes sense, it just jumps and skips most of the story line and you pretty much know the actors were “getting it on” so to speak!

Anyway with all this Oscar buzz all over the internet I’m going to do a little best films we’ve seen or been subjected too award ceremony here on the blog….However it will have to be from the last year as I clearly don’t get out much!

The award for Wasting two hours of my life goes too

And that was the most exciting part

The award for being a Complete Hotty goes too

Ding Dong

The award for complete awesomeness goes too

I thought this was fantastic

The award for I’ll never admit whether I really enjoyed it goes too

and lastly

The award for The most watched christmas movie in our house about 12 times/day 

Some awful Irish dancing from Chippy there yes I know his name, don’t judge! Plus I think miss lady Elf gets a bit fruity with her tooshy dancing!

I have No idea who won what at the real Oscars I wasn’t going to get up at 5:30am  to find out. However to all my winners…..Congratulations!!!! Your award will probably NEVER arrive due to the Dubai mail system so sleep well and be proud knowing you’re a winner in my book!!

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