Le Petit Palais: A Review

Last week , we invited to Le petit Palais to play, situated on the 2nd floor of Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai mall, Le petit palais is a  children’s play area that is unique and in a class of its own. The place is a busy french town full of imagination and creativity for your child to submerge themselves into.

When we first arrived LPV got stuck in immediately and headed for the soft play, with a large a slide and a ball pit he was in absolutely heaven. As was Miss c the soft has an area for smaller children, full of activity toys and rocking soft toys, I think if I would have left neither of them would have noticed!!

PicMonkey Collage

LPV loves to dance at the moment so when the dancing fun began he didn’t need any encouragement to join in and shake his tooshy!!!

LPP dancing

The little town has a boulangerie/bakery, full of yummy plastic treats, that will actually make your mouth water, the supermarche/supermarket has miniature trolleys and almost life-like fruits and vegetables for sale. Not just your basic fruits likes apples and oranges but the fruits included pomegranates and peaches, which I found quite refreshing detail. Both LPV and Miss C managed to squeeze in a shop at the supermarket amidst all the excitement of soft play, they must inherit their shopping abilities from me 😉


The “Salon de beauté” is just fabulous and it was quite unfortunate we couldn’t take advantage of this. Miss C is just too young and I really don’t think “Daddy” would have been happy if I brought LPV home with painted nails, I could have fitted my bottom into the chairs I would have certainly gone for a mani/pedi.


All around the play area runs a road with zebra crossings, a gas station and motorised or manual bikes the children can ride. LPV got to have  his first go on a motorised quad bike, which he loved. He made sure he didn’t run out of petrol while he was whizzing around on his blue bike too, I was itching to have a turn on the quad bike but I’m not sure it was made for adults!! I was totally impressed that he knew the right side of the road to drive on!!

PicMonkey Collage

Tucked away is beautiful little house, with a living room, kitchen and bedroom which was full of dressing up clothes and vanity table. I managed to drag LPV away from the cars for a brief moment he had fun and made some cakes but it was Miss C that loved this the most. She got stuck in opening all the cupboards on this adorable wooden kitchen. The detailing was quite impressive and completely put our plastic kitchen at home to shame.


There is also a super fun karaoke room and an art station for children to use, this place is fantastic! Its clean and well kept, there are very good safety measure in place. All children are signed in and wear name bands, the gates are locked but if a child was to some how get out the reception is manned also. When we went it was very quiet, so I had no concerns over Miss C being there and playing. On a busy day I can image it gets very hectic so Im not sure how comfortable I would be with letting my year old play. However the staff were very hands on and attentive to the all the children, they seemed genuinely happy to be there which is nice for us mothers to see. I felt confident in their abilities and would be completely comfortable to leave LPV there to play while I shopped or had a coffee. I think for me it would be hard to find a negative about this place, however most parents could probably live without the mass of sweets right by the exit. For me its wasn’t an issue, LPV doesn’t really like sweets. Lolly pops might be a different story!

You would think that being in the location it’s in Le petit palais would be expensive, but its not.

It’s only 80dhs for the first hour and then an additional hour is 20dhs, the daily rate is 140dhs and plus they even offer a membership rate which would work out more cost effective in the long term.

Memberships are offer in Golden 350dhs/per annum (entry is 50dhs)  and platinum 1800dhs/annum (entry is free)

If all this wasn’t enough, they also have a party hall for birthday parties, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of them planning for a party and the decorations were outstanding!


Smarty pants – Music & Movement classes are held there weekly and a nursery package is also on offer

For more information follow them on



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