Sunday photo



So as part of the family photo shoot we had done Miss c also had a cake smash for her 1st birthday. I know it hasn’t been taken this week but I received the disc of images from my friend Sarah and I just simply couldn’t not share this image!!!

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40 thoughts on “Sunday photo

  1. theblackberryboys says:

    Really great picture 🙂 Looks like LPV enjoyed it more 🙂 Love her colorful tutu. What flavour was the cake? Was it only for destroying or for eating too ? I am not good with kids getting messy, or their clothes getting messy. I freak out 😦

  2. Muslim Mummy says:

    Brilliant photo!! I kept meaning to take my daughter for a cake smash photo…still haven’t got round to it and she is now 17 months!

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