Back with a splash

When we moved back here I knew life wouldn’t be exactly the same as before. People move on and some of my friends had moved on literally, the kids were no longer the babies like they were when we left. Most of my buddies are still here and my friendships are comfortable and familiar as they used to be with the added bonuses of new friends too. However some things, places even food trigger off memories that make me feel sad.
For example, LPV & Miss C started Baby & Toddler Splash this weekend, as I strongly believe any child living out here should have the ability to swim and hold onto the side until help arrives. Especially for us as our pool is right outside our back gate.

They started their classes, we were all looking forward to it, LPV had done baby splash previously so it was nice to see him progress to toddler splash even though he not a toddler it’s up to the age of 4.

During the excitement of both classes I felt sad, this was an activity I used to do with my buddies and their Bubba’s now we were alone having to talk to strangers. Pulling up to the club felt so familiar yet strangely overwhelming to be a newbie/outsider in an environment that was so comfortable before.
I got chatting to some lovely Irish ladies so slowly the feeling slipped away, to be honest with LPV in nursery and needing picking up there isn’t an awful lot of time to leisurely coffee’s and lunches after Miss C’s activities, life has change for me too having two children. Plus, being in the early stages of an activity people like to sue you out and see if your friend material 😉 So Im sure these lovely ladies will become friends soon.

They both had a fantastic time and got stuck in with all the tasks, however when the dunking in the water starts next time I’m sure it will be a different story
Look at my wee man all those years ago well two years ago, slight exaggeration

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2 thoughts on “Back with a splash

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    It must be slightly strange to move back and see some of it plus the people have changed or moved and in that sense its a new beginning but I’m glad you do sound like you’re settling in very nicely. Hope the classes go well!

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