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Every girl needs to know about Mr Darcy

Every girl needs to know about Mr Darcy

When Miss C was born, I have to say one of my favourite gifts she received was a book. It wasn’t just any old book it  was part of the BabyLit book range

BabyLit is a fashionable way to introduce to your toddler the world of classic literature

We read her Little Miss Austen Pride & Prejudice every night before bed, so impressed with it I searched all the book shops here in Dubai and couldn’t find them at all which is to be expected really, so then I turned to the good old faithful Amazon and my luck was in.

I got a bunch sent to my Mam’s house and she brought them over along with half of ASDA in her suitcase, The books I chose for Miss C’s birthday were Little Miss Brontë Wuthering Heights, Little Miss Austen Sense & Sensibility & Little Master Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet. The books are put into various different categories or primers as they call them. The Pride & Prejudice  & Romeo & Juliet are counting primers, Wuthering heights a weather primer and Sense & Sensibility an opposites primer.

I love them so much, they’re beautifully illustrated by Alison Oliver and are just a pleasure to read, the concept  works just brilliantly. Its pure genius, they even make me want to pick up pride and prejudice and I’m not a big book reader at all. I’m hoping when she’s older Miss C will love them as much as I do.

At only 4.95 per book I think there an absolute steal, when do you ever get a decent children’s book for such an awesome price.

My favourite love story

My favourite love story

Not one I was familiar with

Not one I was familiar with

I want to read this now

I want to read this now

All photos and opinons in the post are my own, no payment was received to write it

Happy reading


11 thoughts on “Book review

  1. Damson Lane says:

    I love the idea behind these stories and the illustrations look absolutely gorgeous. So intrigued to see how they interpret Wuthering Heights! Thank you for linking up to #kidsbookaweek

  2. journey2dfuture says:

    Sadly even as an adult I’ve never
    Read any of those stories. :/ I’ve no idea what there about. Perhaps I’ll look into them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I do the same when coming back from the UK mostly ASDA and Tesco. 😉

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