Dubai Miracle gardens

For Miss C’s birthday we took a trip to Dubai miracle gardens……..The Miracle being I found the farking place. PHEW it was NOT easy I  can tell you, especially with an address like Al Barsha south  to work with, I put it in the GPS and it took me to Al Barsha south to be exact a big pile of Sand in Al Barsha farking south. Then a light bulb moment hit me or I stopped being blonde you say potato etc so into the GPS I put Dubai Miracle garden, hey presto, we found it…..We just could find the way in…TURN LEFT TURN LEFT TURN LEFT……I CANNOT TURN LEFT!!!!!!!! *tries to throw iPad out the window* any way after a lot of oh darn it and cheese n rice *kids in the car* we got in .

I have to say it was well worth the stress of trying to find, anything you can possibly imagine made out of flowers…and it’s good to see Dubai have finally found a good use for all the car left at the airport by fleeing resident in the recession!! Stick some flowers in em and they’ll look all pretty. It has a wee cafe that sell the basics ,  you know ice creams, popcorn, teas, coffee which is all shaded . This is good as the rest of the place is really not that well shaded, it’s definitely just a place you can visit in winter months only, then with a hat and plenty of suncream applied.

As most things here in Dubai are ridiculously expensive I wasn’t pleasantly surprised AED20 for adults (about 4 quid)  and under 3’s go free, check it out here  of course they’re not stopping there, phase 2 is already underway, I hope they don’t ruin it.

Here’s a few wee pics


Umbrella walkway

Umbrella walkway


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