A year ago

A year ago it was freezing cold, the ice and snow made it really difficult to walk so daddy had to hold me to make I didn’t slip! We arrived and the place was so quiet, it was still dark outside. We made our way up to our room, it was big and spacious I knew you’d feel comfortable in it. We met some friendly faces but there was no time for chit-chat, Mammy had to have cannulae in her arm and two different types of medicine. When the nurse had finished daddy took some photos so we had memories of the morning we were going to meet you.

Then they took me down a large corridor, the echo was so loud I was almost sure you’d be able to hear it too. They sent daddy away then which was upsetting for him and me but I was in good hands and I was so excited to see you. Then it was time,  daddy was allowed to come back and hold my hand. I just wanted to cry my darling, I had so many emotions going through my whole body, excitement, worry, so much love, however I knew, it knew it wouldn’t be long now.

I felt like I was sleeping I could only hear muffled voices then I heard you and I was wide awake, you had the sweetest squeakiest  wee cry, it seemed like forever from when I first heard to when you came to say hello. I remember your cute little button nose, you had the chubbiest wee cheeks that everyone said they wanted to smoosh. I remember the smell of your head and I knew we had picked the perfect name for you…………

Your cheeks are still very smooshable, your beauty lights up every room, sometime when you sleep, I cuddle you and close my eyes  I can imagine that very day you came into my life. One thing has not changed in this year and that is my love for you, with every being I love you, I strive to be the best mother for you everyday of your life. I hope you can feel this and will know this forever.

Happy birthday My darling girl!!



7 thoughts on “A year ago

  1. theblackberryboys says:

    Happy Birthday Miss C! I love the photo of your first meeting! It is beautiful! I wish I would have one with my boys, but I had 2 preemies, 2 emergency C-sections, so I was asleep both times 😦

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