Growing up

I’ve noticed so many changes in LPV lately, his speech is so much more advanced and mature, the way he handles situations is so impressive. You by now we were no stingers to trauma when it came to haircuts I dread it and practically leave until LPV can really no longer see, however yesterday he surprised beyond belief. Getting back to what  previously said and the way he handles the situation. He try the old “Why don’t you cut it Mammy/” this I will never do…again as the last time it happened he looked like he had teeth for a fringe.

He impressed me so much, we took him to Caboodle Pamper and play and as we were early he was able to enjoy himself and get stuck in playing first, then they called him. I filled with terror “do want me to take him?” said expatdaddy I knew he was secretly saying I’d say no. He was safe I took him myself, I’m a but of a control freak like that I want to know it’s going to be cut how I like it.

The salon was awesome they had an old-fashioned car for them to sit in or just a normal seat with a steering wheel, which is what LPV chose. He sat , he allowed the stylist to put the cape on *personal growth* and she began with the clippers. He just sat there watching Mickey Mouse, flinching every now and then but never the tear or tantrums we were so used.

So proud of him, we took him for ice cream after. I remember thinking while all the traumatic haircuts we’re happening, will this ever end? is he going to be like this ALL the time? It just goes to show things do always improve with time, so whether it be traumatic haircuts or supermarket tantrums you’re experiencing…It WILL get better I promise, yesterday was heaven in haircut form and even as short as 4 months ago I’d never thought I’d say that.

The haircut was 65aed and if you stay and play you get a discounted rate, id highly recommend one of their two Branches either the Dubai or the new branch Caboodle pamper and play at City walk  in Jumeirah 1

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5 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. journey2dfuture says:

    That’s awesome ! V is 17 months and has had two hair cuts, One by the hairdresser the other by us. Both without the cape, too many tears with it, I can deal with the mess. He’s really good we do pretend hair cuts with the buzzer to make it fun lol.
    Looks like a great place to the children. I think it’s all about making it fun and no big deal. If you stress they sense it so people keep telling me.

  2. andthreetogo says:

    Hooray! I love when the thing you think will never end, finally does! It’s great to look back and reflect that you made it through that together. It also helps to remember the small triumphs from the past when the future ones arise. 🙂

  3. theblackberryboys says:

    Way to go LPV! This place looks really kid friendly. They don’t have anything this cool here 😦 Blackberry #1 used to be the same way, hated hair cuts, tears, crying …. then a friend took us to her hairdresser, Thomas, and he only has a few toys in the corner, but I told Blackberry #1 that Thomas is a kid hairstylist, and he was all smiles for him and let him do anything! And ever since then, no problems …

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