Breastfeeding Police

We know  this topic causes a lot of controversy, people have their opinions they stick to them, which is fine… I have mine view on it too. All of us as parents, Mothers of many, first time Mothers, Mothers to be, Dad’s to be etc.. We ALL know the benefits of breast milk out weight that of formula but we also ALL know that those early days of becoming a parent are the hardest EVER. Trying to establish feeding with your baby is such an emotional roller coaster, I couldn’t breastfeed my children, I tried…lord only know how much I tried but it wasn’t a success. So I did the next best thing and expressed the milk for them, they didn’t have it for long LPV had expressed milk for 10 week and Miss C for 8weeks, I did the best I could with the ..Erm..*coughs* equipment I had.

The UAE are now passing a law that states EVERY child will be breast fed up until the age of two years, now this is a nation with a maid culture and I get it that lots of babies are left to the maids to look after/raise but it was this comment that upset me the most……

He acknowledged that it would be difficult to check that the law was being complied with, but he said if complications arose or it came to light that mothers were neglecting their duties, they could be subject to punishment.


The guilt of not being able to feed your child is punishment enough, now mothers who struggle and can’t fed will have the added worry about being punished.. It’s a joke, it wouldn’t be so much if the facilities and support were available to help mothers establish feeding, maternity leave for a woman here in the UAE is 45 days… I can assure you that is just the amount of time they give you “get over” a C-section. How are mothers supposed to breast feed going back to work in predominantly mans world here?? The law states that nurseries will be opened for breast feeding mothers but will this happen before the law is brought in?

I can see their point the whole thing isn’t ridiculous if you look at the bigger picture but the wrong words are being used, it is being approached at the wrong angle. They need to research into milk banks for children who are without mothers (that’s a whole different controversy here) and with Mothers who are not able to feed. However I will probably get attack by vigilantes for saying this but The only way I would give my child another mothers milk is if they we’re sick and hospitalised. As being an ex NICU nurse I know precious breastmilk can be to a premature baby however I couldn’t bare the thought of sitting there in my house giving another mothers milk to MY child, I would personally feel like a complete failure to my child.

I think the law is still a work in process, I sincerely hope that women will be entirely supported if it passed but in a country where you see babies led on dashboard of  moving cars they have a long way to go on educating their residents on what’s best for children.

6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Police

  1. Mummy Glitzer says:

    Oh my goodness!

    I was the other end of the whole breast-feeding thing. It was physically easy for us. However, at times (particularly during the non-stop growth spurts of which Harry seemed to have them permanently) I did find it emotionally really, really tough.

  2. Tracey says:

    I can’t believe this how very short sighted they are just setting women up to fail this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

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