Best laid plans

Well my bucket list isn’t quite working out….or rather the wish to blog more. To tell you the truth I’m getting tired and bored of it, I simply don’t have time for it, I don’t know where I fit in anymore in the blogging world, need to re-establish myself here in Dubai don’t fit in with the blogging community back home. Jeez, seriously even in cyber world it’s all about being accepted. I don’t want to be a blogger that has to deal PR policies and privacy policies, I would to do review but to be honest I can’t commit to it 100%, however it seems that that’s the way most blogs are going these days.

Anyhoo I will just fill you a in on what’s been going down in Expat world, it’s mainly just been Me or EPD or both gallivanting around, there’s been brunches (my head still hurts), concerts, running 10K’s as if it was me , golf. To be honest we’re slowly getting our lives back, it’s nice, it nice to feel human again. The kids are great as usual, LPV started something called Superskills at nursery the other day. To be honest I thought he’s hate it, however you can tell he’s growing up so fast because he just loved it. I went to pick him up early and had a peek through the window, he was having a complete blast, I love seeing him smile, it’s so beautiful it lights up his whole face.

Miss C is just Miss C the feisty wee thing, she’s getting so funny, she’s coming into her own and she know’s what she likes and doesn’t like. She one year old in two weeks I simply can not believe how time has flown. She cruising all around the furniture, getting into all sorts of mischief. Her favourite pass time at the moment is tearing up boxes of tissues and eating wet wipes.

Tuesday I took LPV to educational kinesiologist, his nursery teacher still has concerns about his movement but now it’s moved on to his “self-esteem” after a week of negative comments at pick and me just feeling like crap I booked an appointment, so hopefully this will help with his movement. I have brought him to the paediatrician who thinks he’s fine, however I can’t bear the though of him being upset at school if he can’t do something ad kids are so cruel these days.
It was ok, it was all about working on LPV”S reflexes through movement. She did identify the areas the nursery are concerned with but however the “Colour remedies” we’re broken out it allowed a few doubts to seep in. Will continue with it, as she doesn’t want us back for 6 months and just see what the outcome is. For the mean time we have home exercises to do…and a mind to keep open 😉

On a recommendation of a fellow blogger here in Dubai I started Miss C at Hartbeeps class today. It was a fun music class, full of bouncing, sings, bright colours and props. Miss C had a blast, she clapped, bounced and shouted. It was lovely to see as she often gets a rough deal as all play dates are geared towards LPV, so this was something for just me and her to do together. Plus it’s a great way for me to meet mammies with children the same ages as Miss C. The woman who does the class has more energy than I’ve ever had, which was fab, I did at some point “what am I doing” when I had to put a space coat on a teddy bear and fly to the moon but it’s not about me it’s about Miss C and as a mother I think you really need to be able to act like a child sometimes…keeps us young. It’s not expensive, which is rare for this town, so if you’re a new mammy or even a veteran I really recommend it.

So that’s what we’ve been doing…What about you?


5 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Mummy Glitzer says:

    Blimey, never heard of an educational kinesiologist before! I hope LPV will be ok. And Miss C sounds like she is doing brilliantly; it is lovely to see you are settling in again. x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Thanks hun, Yeah I’d never heard of one either….She came highly recommended from another mammy at nursery…We’ll see.x

  2. 3yearsandhome says:

    I know what you mean re the blogging world. Having started mine to get me through the strange times in Switzerland, I’m not altogether sure what to do with it now. I really love hearing about your life abroad though. I’m super interested in other countries and about how you bring your children up there. Not telling you what to write but because expat lives are so different, I love reading about them x

    • Expat Mammy says:

      I don’t want to give it up really, just feeling a bit confused as to which way to go, like you said. I just don’t think I’m going to try and commit to writing everyday. I think I just want to write what I’d be interested in…if that makes sense

  3. L Hunt says:

    Just write what you want to write. I’m impressed you can do it. I don’t have the guts. My life always seems to boring. Don’t think you have to write everyday. That is a lot of pressure. Maybe once a week? Great idea to just write about what you are interested in. I couldn’t keep up reading you everyday!! I’ve never heard of an education Kinesiologist either! Geeezzz I wonder if I should be getting my DS checked more. I just keep putting everything down to he’s at toddler and a big boy at 3 1/2. I know he’s going to have trouble when he starts school in September. Everyone is going to think he is older because he is so tall. He will be one of the youngest as he only sneaks into the school year by 4 weeks, so at the very end. However he is in the 99% percentile for his height and is wearing clothes for a 4-5 year almost 6 years but only just 3 1/2. We all worry so much but it is amazing how resilient they are.

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