The Spa

Today the buggy’s went to the spa yesterday…they’re so Dubai. Yes I can hear you, I could have done it myself but I wanted a complete thorough job with chemical free cleaning products and by the time I had brought all the products it would have amounted to the same. So when I found the Stroller spa on Twitter I gave them a call.

To be brutally honest I was expecting them to be ridiculously priced but checking out their package I was really pleasantly surprised, I chose the Busy buggy buff for our Quinny Zapp and the Sparkling stroller service for the Buzz.Give them their due as the contacted me prior to pick and told me they weren’t able to clean the frame of the buzz due to the hydraulics so I was given a discount on the service, very professional I thought, as so many people are just after your money in this town. The company use all eco-friendly and organic products so I don’t have to worry about Miss C when she eats the buggy. On their website they give you a detailed account of how the perform the service too.

They came on time that never happens here also to pick up the buggies and were friendly and professional, the best part was they were not hounding me all morning for directions, which can get so annoying out here.
The buggies were returned today by 15:30 looking, I have to say, absolutely amazing. They’re like new, the red buzz seat looks just as vibrant as the day we bought it, they’re no more mashed banana in the nooks and crannies, no more black smudges that I have no idea where they came from. I am absolutely delighted with the service….

The prices of their serves I had we’re
Buggy buff AED: 150
Sparkling stroller AED: 195

Photo taken from the @TheStrollerspaDXB, click photo to follow

Photo taken from the @TheStrollerspaDXB, click photo to follow

Please note that this review post is all my own words I have not received any discount or prompting by the Stroller Spa, it is just for information sharing purposes as when you find a wee gem you have to share….


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