Happy National day

Today is the 42nd National day of the UAE, so Happy Birthday!!! I have to say it’s looking pretty darn “hot” for its age, did you see what i did there? it’s the way you tell em

It’s been a pretty special one too this year with Dubai winning it’s bid for expo 2020, although that’s a little bitter-sweet for some, the rumour mill is working overtime with everything from paying tax to hiking up rents, I do love a good Dubai rumour there’s been a few humdingers in the times I’ve spent here.

Yesterday the streets of Downtown Dubai have been a wash with Green, red, black and white with everyone lining the street to watch the National day Parade with the Burj khalifa glimmering in the winter sun, a simply perfect setting! I love this area, this was where our first Dubai home was, where we brought home a certain wee little man. It’s so awesome, I would give an arm and a leg to be able to live here again, however apartment living is just not an option for us anymore.

We do however have simply awesome buddies who still live there and had pole position seats for the whole thing, including the firework at the end of the evening. I’ve been a little slack to say the least when it comes to bring my camera places but today I didn’t forget, here’s a few wee shots

Happy National Day Dubai.xx


Everyone should but not everyone does here. Buckle up in the back!!!!

Everyone should but not everyone does here. Buckle up in the back!!!!



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