Big day

Today is a big day as far as school assessments go. We’ve been called back for a 2nd assessment at our first choice school.
To be honest I’m sick to my stomach, thank goodness LPV isn’t phased at all. He just looks at me strangely when I turn up at nursery to drag him off to perform like the cutest wee monkey in the world. I don’t make a big deal of them to him but inside my head if like all I’m saying to him is “dance, monkey dance”. He’s happy he gets stickers, yesterday he saw a real camel which absolutely made his day, as he had taken a plastic one in for show and tell.

I’m more relaxed about them lies to self,after him having an assessment at our 2nd choice school. I did feel that the teacher could have got down on his level to speak to him, she was slightly frosty. However I am going to give the benefit of the doubt, they probably hate this time of year and I know families who are very happy with the school.

So here I am at the most chilled out Starbucks ever! It’s tucked away in the back streets of Jumeirah! Not far away from our house if the paperwork ever gets finished . I’ve got an hour to kill before I pick up LPV, daddy is home with Miss C. Apart from the nerves I feel peaceful…’s amazing what some time without your bubba’s can do. Toffee nut latte in hand and……breathe.
It’s a potential hang out for the kiddies



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